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Outside Scholarships

Outside scholarships include any funding from sources outside of Avila University, the State of Missouri, or the federal government. Awards from companies, foundations, civic and religious organizations, and employer tuition benefits are common examples of outside scholarships.

They can affect a student’s aid eligibility, so they must be reported to the Financial Aid Office. Outside scholarships help meet a student’s college costs, so we are required take these awards into account when determining eligibility for other aid programs.

If we have to adjust other sources of aid — which may be required under state and federal regulations — we always reduce need-based loans or work-study before reducing any gift aid, like need-based scholarships or grants.

Outside Scholarships

Outside Scholarship Opportunities


Wakeford Gelini Driver Safety Scholarship 

Write a 1,000 word blog post covering “10 Tips for Driver Safety in 2019.” Your work should be original and should include at least one original graphic or image.

Amount: $1,000

Deadline: August 1, 2019 

Lindsey Hoskins Helpers and Healers Scholarship

Answer the following prompt and questions in an essay of 1,000 words or less:

Describe what inspired you to want to help and heal people.

Amount: $1,000

Deadline: August 15, 2019

Rispoli Law Legal Scholarship

In an essay of 1,000 words or less: Describe a pivotal moment that made you want to join the legal field in pursuit of criminal or civil justice.


Deadline: Aug 15,2019

MIS Insurance scholarship 

In less than 500 words, tell us about your goals, dreams, and how this scholarship can help you reach them

Amount: $1,000

Deadline: August 31, 2019


Nicholas A. Pennipede Memorial Scholarship

Please attach a 500-800 word essay and discuss: How you plan to use your education to serve the community? How will receiving this scholarship help you achieve your goals? Why Eye Associates should select you for this scholarship?

Amount: $1,000

Deadline: September 15, 2019

Needle & Ellenberg Excellence in Face of Adversity Scholarship

Answer the following prompt and questions in an essay of 1,000 words or less: Describe the person or a group of people who inspired you to want to help people who are facing adversity.

Amount: $1,000

Deadline: September 15, 2019


Storage Area Annual Scholarship

Please write an 800 to 1,500 word essay on any one of the topics below:
General: Self-storage allows you to organize and free up living space. How can college students utilize a storage unit to increase productivity and decrease stress?

Amount: $1,000

Deadline: October 1, 2019

Digital project Manager Scholarship

write an essay of no more than 1000 words addressing this topic:

The Biggest Challenge Facing Digital in 2019

What is the biggest challenge facing digital workers. Why?

Amount: $1,000

Deadline: October 15, 2019


Lowenberg Law Firm Workforce Scholarship

Write an essay between 750-1000 words addressing the following question(s):

As you look ahead to finishing school and entering your chosen profession, what is it that will set you apart from others in the same field? What will you do to bring unique value to your work? What will you do to prevent being just mediocre in your vocation?

What is the biggest challenge facing digital workers. Why?

Amount: $1,000

Deadline: November 1, 2019


Agent Media Internet Marketing Scholarship 

 Write an article on the topic given below.

“What in your opinion will be the most popular Internet Marketing trends in 2020? Discuss your reasoning.

Amount: $1,000 

Deadline December 1st, 2019 

MerchantCards Scholarship

All student applicants must submit a comprehensive, unique and well-written 1000+ words essay on the following topic:

“The Impact of Mobile payments on Spending. Highlight how mobile payments could lead shoppers to spend more frivolously at the register.”

Amount: $1,000

Deadline: December 1, 2019

The Ashoori Law Good Deeds Scholarship

Please write an essay of between 750 to 1,000 words introducing yourself, explaining your act of kindness, the impact it has had, and how it has shaped you.

Amount: $1,000

Deadline: December 1, 2019

FortZed Scholarship 

Produce an original 1,000-1,500 word piece per the following: What alternative (and legal) ways can solar technology be developed so that it can be used by this demographic?

Amount: $2,500

Deadline: December 15, 2019

Ipe Woods Scholarship

Write a 3 page essay discussing the following topics: How can we prevent drunk driving ? What can be done to raise awareness about intoxicated driving ? Inform people about the dangers of drinking and driving.

Amount: $1,500

Deadline: December 15 2019

Digital Marketing Scholarship Program

The candidate must be currently enrolled in or attending a College/University. Write an essay from one of the four topics connected to the link for this scholarship. 

Amount: $1,500

Deadline: December 31, of every year.

Humari Hub Scholarship

First, Write 350-500 words lengthy article on “What are the benefits of reading books. You can write a longer article if you want. 

Amount: $1,000

Deadline: December 7th, 2019. 

Full Game PC Scholarship

 Must provide your written essay on the topic: Does cloud gaming mean game over for the home console?


Deadline: December 31 2019

Hey Tutor Scholarship

Write an essay of 1200+ words on the topic "How to Choose the Best Private Tutor for Your Child"

Amount: $500

Deadline: December 31, 2019

Guides4Homeowners Scholarship

Write an essay of 1200+ words on the topic “Six Things First Time Home Buyers Need To Know”

Amount: $500

Deadline: December 31, 2019



Home Kuku Annual Scholarship 

The essay topic needs to be relevant to the kitchen, culinary, food and dietetic fields.

Amount: $1,000

Deadline: February 29, 2019


2019-2020 Hispanic Development Fund Scholarship

Qualifying students must be of Hispanic decent. Program awards college scholarships to full time students from the Greater Kansas City area. 

Amount: $500-$6,000

Deadline: March 1, 2019

Lulus Scholarship

Applicant must be attending a college, university or high school. Each applicant may complete the survey only once. Applicant must complete the survey in full to be eligible.

Amount: $1,000

Deadline: March 1st, 2019

Splento Scholarship

Write a short motivation letter (500 words) about why you think you should win the Splento Scholarship and what you plan to do with the scholarship you receive.

Amount: $1,000

Deadline: March 15, 2019

Nicholas A. Pennipede Memorial Scholarship

Please attach a 500-800 word essay and discuss: How you plan to use your education to serve the community? How will receiving this scholarship help you achieve your goals? Why Eye Associates should select you for this scholarship?

Amount: $1,000

Deadline: March 15, 2019

CFF Foundation education Award Scholarship

Submit an essay of up to 1500 words on one of the questions about fish. 

Amount: $1,500

Deadline: March 30, 2019

The Krist Law Firm Scholarship

A typed essay of 300-500 words about a time when you faced a significant ethical dilemma. What was the situation and what did you do?

Amount: $5,000

Deadline: March 31, 2020


Video Contest Scholarship

Record an original video on one of the following topics: Your Advice on How to Socialize in College as an International Student, Personal Recommendations for College Freshmen, or Dealing with Culture Shock: Your Tips for International Students.

Amount: $1,500

Deadline April 7, 2019

The Davinci Body Sculpting Women in STEM scholarship 

Candidate can be an undergraduate female from any major. Must be full-time student at an accredited US college/university.

Amount: $2,500

Deadline: April 30,2019


Missouri Council Of the Blind Scholarship

Must be legally blind in both eyes, complete scholarship application, send transcripts, get 1 letter of recommendation, and provide proof of acceptance to post-secondary school.

Amount: up to $1,000 

Deadline: May 1st 2019

Scholarship From American Academy 

 Essay of between 750 and 1,000 words, explaining your career aspirations, how you plan to advance healthcare and/or education through your work, and what inspired you to commit yourself to this field

Amount: $1,500

Deadline: May 1, 2019

Scholarship Program for Marketing 

Create content for content marketing or make a video for product advertising.

Amount: $1,000

Deadline: May 15, 2019

iPerfectlist Writing Contest

Choose one of the following topics and write an article about it (Max 2,000words):

Online and Offline market. What are the similarities and differences? (Worldwide)

Amount: The 1st Finalist will be awarded with USD2,000
The 2nd Finalist will be awarded with USD1,000
The 3nd Finalist will be awarded with USD500

Deadline: May 15, 2019

CricStands Scholarship

Submit an article of 1000 words or more, please elaborate on: Health, Physical fitness, Nutrition, Balanced Diet, Sports, Healthy Life Style, or the Importance of Sports in Life.

Amount: $1,000

Deadline: May 15, 2019

Graphic Web Design Scholarship

Create a work portfolio that highlights your design abilities and creative potential. 

Amount: $1,000

Deadline: May 15, 2019

Engineering Scholarship

submit a project relevant to your course of study. 

Amount: $1,000

Deadline: May 31st, 2019


24/7 Doctor Answering Service Scholarship

Must submit a 500+ word essay answering the following three questions: In what ways do you think technology will improve customer satisfaction? What are the most important things you believe a business should focus on to ensure the highest level of customer service? What is most common complaint from customers, and could be done to remedy this problem?

Amount: $1,000 

Deadline: June 1st, 2019

Find Answering Service Scholarship

Write a 1,000 word essay on the following: Why is connectivity so important today? How will communication technology evolve in the future? What technology or types of communication do you use to connect with others?

Amount: $1,000

Deadline: June 7, 2019

Bonsai Finance Entrepreneur Scholarship

In 500 words or fewer, please tell us how you embrace the Entrepreneurial spirit?

Amount: $2,500

Deadline: June 30, 2019

The $500 Think Einstein HR Knowledge Scholarship 

Each applicant must submit a persuasive essay describing why they deserve to be awarded the scholarship. 

Amount: $500

Deadline: June 15, 2019

Morphisec Women in Cyber Security Scholarship

Write an essay on this topic: “What made you become interested in cybersecurity or information security?

Amount: • 1st Place - $5,000
• 2nd Place - $2,000
• 3rd Place - $1,000

Deadline: June 15, 2019

Housecall Pro Scholarship

Create a short video telling us how you plan to go from good to great or Write a 700+ word essay on “The Importance of Technology to Service Professionals

Amount: $4,000

Deadline: June 30, 2019


Emergency Dentist Video Scholarship 

The scholarship will be a video submission, we’re looking for short, less than 2 minute long videos that focus on entertaining us, while being creative and innovative with your ideas!

Amount: $5,000

Deadline: July 1st, 2019 

Damage Control Scholarship

Please write an 800 to 1500 word essay on marketing a local service business successfully online today, please record a 2 to 8-minute video showing a tactic that you would use to market a local service business online today.

Amount: $1,000

Deadline: July 1, 2019

Today Tix Scholarship

Write an essay describing how the arts (theater, dance, music, opera, comedy) have impacted your life.

Amount: $1,500

July 30, 2019

Multiple Deadlines

Custody X Change Scholarship

The Custody X Change Giving Program awards three scholarships to single parents each year.

Term Amount Deadline Awarded By
Spring $1000 Dec 31 Jan 31
Summer $500 Apr 30 May 31
Fall $1000 Aug 31 Sep 30

The scholarship application window is open all year; each semester's application window opens right after the previous semester's deadline.

Where to Mail Outside Scholarship Awards

If you have received a scholarship from an outside donor, please use the following address:

Avila University
Business Office

Outside Scholarship
11901 Wornall Rd

Kansas City, MO 64145

Please request that outside scholarship checks are made payable to Avila University

Be sure to give your donor your student identification number and ask them to include it with your award

It's helpful if the donor includes a letter explaining the award terms when they send the award check to campus

Avoid Scams

Every year students and their families lose money to scam artists posing as legitimate scholarship funding agencies. To avoid being defrauded, be cautious about suspicious scholarship offers.

It might be a scam if:

  • You have to spend money to get money. Legitimate scholarship providers don't charge application fees, "redemption" fees or up-front taxes; nor do they ask students to make investments.
  • They want bank account or credit card information. Trustworthy donors won't ask for a credit card number to "hold" your award.
  • It's guaranteed. No one can guarantee that you'll receive a scholarship, and any promise of a money-back guarantee is a red flag.
  • You can't find the information anywhere else. Scholarship agencies don't keep information secret; they want to award scholarships. If a service promises to provide funds no one else knows about, be suspicious. 
  • You win a contest you don't remember entering. If you receive a message saying you've been selected for an award or you're a finalist in a competition you've never heard of, it might be a scam.
  • It sounds too good to be true. Trust your instincts. If you're suspicious about an offer, you probably have a good reason.

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