Outside Scholarships

Outside scholarships include any funding from sources outside of Avila University, the State of Missouri, or the federal government. Awards from companies, foundations, civic and religious organizations, and employer tuition benefits are common examples of outside scholarships.

They can affect a student’s aid eligibility, so they must be reported to the Financial Aid Office. Outside scholarships help meet a student’s college costs, so we are required take these awards into account when determining eligibility for other aid programs.

If we have to adjust other sources of aid — which may be required under state and federal regulations — we always reduce need-based loans or work-study before reducing any gift aid, like need-based scholarships or grants.

Outside Scholarships

Outside Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarships are listed below in order or monthly deadline. Those at the Bottom have multiple deadlines.


48 Hours in London - What Not to Miss Scholarship

Write a 2,000 word essay about your experience, or what you would like to experience, in London. If you've visited London you may use your own experience, if you haven't feel free to use your imagination and any resources you can find.

Deadline: February 15, 2018

Amount: $1,500

AllBeautyToday Internet Marketing Scholarship

Students interested in online marketing will write an 500-1,000 word essay with a given prompt; Considering that you have $1,000 with yoyu create an online marketing plan on how you can utilize the money and make as much as 3 to 10 times the allotted budget within one year.

Deadline: February 20, 2018

Amount: $500


Couponing in College 

In 100 words or less write about the most creative way you've saved money in college. 

Deadline: March 16, 2018 

Amount: $1,000 


You have to do research and write a 1000 word essay on the topic: Electrical Safety At Home. Explain the importance of electrical safety and tips on what safety precautions households must follow. It should contain well-researched facts from credible sources. Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will be grounds for automatic disqualification.

Deadline: March 25, 2018

Amount: $1,000

CalTrend Scholarship Information 

write a 500-1000 word essay on tips on how to customize car seat covers, or 4 things to consider when buying new car seat civers.

Deadline: March 31, 2018 

Amount: $1,000

Unlimited Sotheby's International Realty Scholarship

Write a short essay (about 500-700 words) on your career goals in the real estate industry. Real estate related major is not required to apply.

Deadline: March 31, 2018



Level Up Scholarship

Essay must contain 800 letters and revolve around technoculture. You must write about your experiences, consciousness, and views on the culture that arose from the mutal interaction between people and tools. 

Deadline: April 1, 2018

Amount: $2,000

10 AwesomeGears Online Marketing Scholarship 2018

Write a short essay on What is the potential of Internet Markeeting in 2018? Discuss both the benefits and disadvantages of Internet Online Marketing. 

Deadline:  April 30, 2018 

Amount: $1,000


Healthcare Academic Scholarship 

Write an essay on what personally led you to the point of pursuing a degree or position in the healthcare field? 

Deadline: May 1, 2018

Amount: $500

HumberSport's Internet Marketing Scholarship

You will need to write a short piece of content (about 500-1000 words) on ‘Internet Marketing and its future’.

Deadline: May 1, 2018

Amount: $1,000

The Adoption Network Law Center Scholarship Program 

Upload a 2 minute video demonstrating or explaing how adoption has made an impact on your life. 

Deadline: May 1, 2018

Amount: $10,000

Dr. Robin Unger: Civil Service Excellence Scholarship

Write an essay about a situation or time that influenced you or served as a pivot point for your dedication to your community. Since this time, what have you done to help build your community and promote equality? 

Deadline: May 15,2018 

Amount: $1,000

Fundbox Future Small Business Owner Scholarship 

In a 1,000 word or less, describe how you plan to use your knowledge and skill sets to create a small business (or big business) that would help impact society in a positive manner. 

Deadline: May 31, 2018 

Amount: $2,000

Leap Clixx Annual Marketing Scholarship

Students will write a 1,000 word or more essay with the given prompt; In 2016, companies in the United States spent over $200 billion on marketing. Which campaigns or types of marketing have you found to be most effective or appealing? Why?

Deadline: May 1, 2018

Amount: $2,500

ThinnerAtLast Scholarship

Students will have to submit an essay of 1000-1500 words writing about “The Importance of Health & Lifestyle for Healthy Aging”

Deadline: May 5, 2018

Amount: $500

Annual Art and Design Scholarship

Applicants will be able to submit their entry along with a design, drawing, film, artwork, short story, poem or literally any type of art they are most proud of. 

Deadline: May 31, 2018

Amount: $1000

Ampronix College Scholarship

Applicants will submit a photo of something or someone that has inspired you to continue your education and plan your future career. Include a 500 word essay describing: how the subject of this photo has inspired you, the reasons you chose your specific field of study and your career goals, how you give back to your community through volunteerism and how you plan to give back using the skills you're learning in college.

Deadline: May 31, 2018

Amount: up to $1,000


Business and Community Scholarship

Students will submit a brief essay (1000 words max) addressing the following: Tell us about your business and discuss how this experience has impacted your education. We'd love to hear from young business owners and entrepreneurs who are influencing their communities in positive ways while still pursuing higher education.

Deadline: June 1, 2018

Amount: $1,000

Student Scholarship Program 

Write an essay on the most memorable travelling experience. It should cover the stereotypes which you can generalize on majority of your peers. 

Deadline: June 10, 2018 

Amount: $1,500

Geekwrapped Scholarship

To enter, please submit a 300+ word essay that describes which technology and gadgets are most helpful in your academic pursuits. Explain why you need them and how they impact your daily life.

Deadline: June 1, 2018

Amount: $1,000

The Grocare Scholarship Programme 

This scholarship is for graduate students interrested in medical related research with an interest in Natural medicine/ Ayurveda.

Deadline: June 1,2018 

Amount: $1,000

eDoctorWeb Scholarship 

Write a 500-750 word essay about an experience from your life, and explain how it has influenced your educational and personal development. 

Deadline: June 30,2018 


DownloadsShowbox.com Scholarship

Students must write a essay of about 1500 words on topics such as Android devices and future technology innovations and development.

Deadline: June 15, 2018

Amount: $2,500

Annual Fishing Scholarship Program

Applicants are required to submit a essay on fishing related topics. The essay is expected to showcase deep research skills and ability to comprehend valuable information within this field.

Deadline: June 30, 2018


Best Power Hand Tools Student Scholarship

Write an essay of 400-500 words about power tools and hand tools/ 

Deadline: June 30,2018 

Amount: $1000


Coastal Scholarship Progam

Write a 500-600 word essay about how you plan to use your education to make a positive difference in the world upon graduation. 

Deadline: July 1st, 2018 

Amount: $5,000

The Sure Oak Scholarship 

write an essay explaining how an education from your college will help you achieve your goals. what drew you to this particular college? where do you see yourself in the next five years? how do you plan to get there? 

Deadline: July 15, 2018

Amount: $1,000

Direct Liquidation MBA Future Leaders Scholarship

Applicants will submit a 2-5 minute video descripiton staing there thoughts on the quote "Great business leaders create a vision, and relentlessly drivew towards its completion".

Deadline: July 5, 2018

Amount: $1,000

TopGun Scholarship

Applicant should submit the well written essay, info graphics or article (1000 words or more) on “Safety tips for home”. Your essay, info graphics or article will be judged on the level of freshness, creativity and uniqueness, as well as its content and  why you are interested towards our scholarship.

Deadline: July 25, 2018

Amount: $3,500


Thomas Law Offices Scholarship

To apply, you’ll need to submit a 500+ word essay on 'How can we encourage drivers to prioritize their safety and the safety of others when behind the wheel?'

Deadline: August 1, 2018

Amount: $1,000

RouterInstructions.com Annual Scholarship Program 
Write a 700- 1000 word essay on why you believe WiFi is needed in schools. 

Deadline: August 1, 2018

Amount: $1,500

The Home Team Hawaii Scholarship

Write a 1500-2000 essay about a life changing experience.  How did this experience change you as an individual?  What lessons did you learn from this experience?

Deadline:  August 1, 2018

Amount:  $1,000

Annual University Scholarship 

This scholarship is open to all students studying a Life Science field. If this applies to you complete the online application form at Anitbodies.com.  

Deadline: August 1, 2018

Amount: $2,000

Mark T. Hurt: Helping People in Need Scholarship

Write an essay about a pivot point in your life that inspired you to want to help people in need. You may also include these in your essay. In what ways did you begin helping people? What are your goals for helping people after you graduate? How is your education helping you to achieve your goals of wanting to help those in need? 

Deadline: August 1, 2018 

Amount: $1,000

The Coit 2018 Clean GIF Scholarship Contest

Design a GIF that showcases how to clean your space fast and effectively. Show us how you can turn a messy room into something presentable as quickly as possible. 

Deadline: August 31, 2018

Amount: $2,000


Avalaunch Media Scholarship

Submit an essay or video about how you created believers in yourself and your story. 

Deadline: October 1, 2018 

Amount: $1,000

Treadmillfit Digital Marketing Scholarship

Write an 500-1000 word essay on the topic "Digital Marketing and its importance in 2018"

Deadline: October 31,2018

Amount: $1,000

Kidguard For Education Scholarship Program

Choose a prompt from the KidGuard website and write a well thought out essay. 

Deadline: October 31, 2018 

Amount: $500 to $1000


The AccountingPath.org Scholarship

Write a five paragraph essay on the role of an accountant. Click the link above for additional information.

Deadline: November 30, 2018

Amount: $1,000

Axon Optics 'Migraine Story' Scholarship

Write an essay and summit a video to your social on what a migraine is or your story of light sensitivity. 

Deadline: November 30, 2018 

Amount: $1,000


John W. Tumelty 2018 Cancer Survivor College Scholarship

Write an essay over the following topics. What would you tell a person who just yesterday learned of their cancer diagnosis? What was the most powerful piece of advice you received during the time your family was dealing with cancer? what is one way that cancer has reshaped or altered your plans for the future? 

Deadline: December 15, 2018

Amount: $1,000 

FP Essay Writing Scholarship 

Write an essay about the important aspects of personal and home security. 

Deadline: December 20, 2018

Amount: $3,750

Multiple Deadlines

Custody X Change Scholarship

The Custody X Change Giving Program awards three scholarships to single parents each year.

Term Amount Deadline Awarded By
Spring $1000 Dec 31 Jan 31
Summer $500 Apr 30 May 31
Fall $1000 Aug 31 Sep 30

The scholarship application window is open all year; each semester's application window opens right after the previous semester's deadline.

Where to Mail Outside Scholarship Awards

If you have received a scholarship from an outside donor, please use the following address:

Avila University
Business Office

Outside Scholarship
11901 Wornall Rd

Kansas City, MO 64145

Please request that outside scholarship checks are made payable to Avila University

Be sure to give your donor your student identification number and ask them to include it with your award

It's helpful if the donor includes a letter explaining the award terms when they send the award check to campus

Avoid Scams

Every year students and their families lose money to scam artists posing as legitimate scholarship funding agencies. To avoid being defrauded, be cautious about suspicious scholarship offers.

It might be a scam if:

  • You have to spend money to get money. Legitimate scholarship providers don't charge application fees, "redemption" fees or up-front taxes; nor do they ask students to make investments.
  • They want bank account or credit card information. Trustworthy donors won't ask for a credit card number to "hold" your award.
  • It's guaranteed. No one can guarantee that you'll receive a scholarship, and any promise of a money-back guarantee is a red flag.
  • You can't find the information anywhere else. Scholarship agencies don't keep information secret; they want to award scholarships. If a service promises to provide funds no one else knows about, be suspicious. 
  • You win a contest you don't remember entering. If you receive a message saying you've been selected for an award or you're a finalist in a competition you've never heard of, it might be a scam.
  • It sounds too good to be true. Trust your instincts. If you're suspicious about an offer, you probably have a good reason.

The Avila Promise

  • Lower Tuition Rate
  • Tuition Protection
  • 4-Year Graduation Guarantee
  • Internship or Research Guarantee
  • up to $1,000 Travel Award


That’s the Avila Promise.


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AU News

Avila University is seeking comments from the public about the University in preparation for its periodic evaluation by its regional accrediting agency. The University will host a visit February 26-27, 2018 with a team representing the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). Avila University has been accredited by HLC since 1946. The team will review the institution’s ongoing ability to meet HLC’s Criteria for Accreditation.

The public is invited to submit comments regarding the University to the following address:

Public Comment on Avila University,
Higher Learning Commission,
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The public may also submit comments on HLC’s website at www.hlcommission.org/comment.

Comments must address substantive matters related to the quality of the institution or its academic programs. Comments must be in writing.

All comments must be received by January 19, 2018.