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Goals & Outcomes

Commitment to Learning


Upon completing the course requirements in Computer Science, each student should be able to:

  • Acquire appropriate foundational programming skills;

  • Design and implement advanced computer programs to solve problems;

  • Read and communicate computer ideas orally and in writing;

  • Write papers requiring research into the computer discipline;

  • Succeed in professions related to the computer field.


In addition to general degree requirements stated in the university catalog, Computer Science majors will be expected to meet the following program outcomes.

  • The student will acquire appropriate foundational programming skills.
    CS 120, CS 121, CS 160, CS 222, CS 312, CS 365
  • The student will design and implement advanced computer programs to solve problems.
    Integrated Discipline emphasis track, CS 222, CS 245, CS 365, CS 499
  • The student will read and communicate computer ideas orally and in writing.
    CS 110, CS 240, CS 315, CS 345, CS 365

  • The student will write papers requiring research into the computer discipline.
    CS 346

  • The student will succeed in professions related to the computer field.
    CS 495

The outcomes for the Computer Science major are assessed through a combination of course written and performance examinations, written and performance assignments, supervisor evaluations and a completed capstone project. The supervisor evaluations are based on performance in CS 480 and CS 495. CS 499 requires a senior capstone project to be designed, completed and then presented to Computer Science faculty.

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