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Concentrations & Certificates

Computer Science Concentrations & Certificates


To receive the Bachelors of Science in Computer Science degree, you must complete the Avila core requirements along with the Computer Science Core Requirements which are as follows:


  • CS 210 Navigating the Digital Society (3)
  • CS 120 Intro to CS I (4)
  • CS 121 Intro to CS II (4)
  • CS 165 OOP in C# or
    CS 166 OOP in Java (3)
  • CS 195 Intro to SE Careers (1)
  • CS 222 Data Structures (3)
  • CS 313 Adv OOP in C# or
    CS 314 Adv OOP in Java (3)
  • CS 346 Foundations of Computing (3)
  • CS 495 Internship (3)
  • CS 499 Capstone (3)
  • MA 125 Precalculus (4)
  • MA 130 Discrete Math (3)

In addition to the core requirements, you must choose a concentration area and complete the required courses for the concentration.



  • CS 140 A+ OR
    CS 321 Networking (3)
  • CS 315  Operating Systems OR 
    CS 345 Organization & Arch. (3)
  • CS 365 Program Language Sys (3)
  • Elective Hours (12 above 300) (18)
  • MG 321 Management (3)

Smart phones, both Android and IOS, have become an indispensable tool for most everyone and the need to be able to perform every tasks from them has never been greater.   This concentration will give students the necessary skills to be able to compete in an ever changing, technologically rich world.  With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), these skills will become ever more important.  This concentration will provide students the opportunity to gain the skills needed to compete in a workplace focusing more and more on a mobile footprint.  Online activity is growing exponentially and with it the need of IT professionals able to meet the demand.


Course No.
Course Name
CS 210
Navigating the Digital Society
CS 120
Introduction to Computer Science I
CS 222
Data Structures
SF 195
Introduction to Computer Careers
CS 166
OOP in Java
CS 314
Advanced OOP in Java
CS 346
Foundations of Computing
SF 495
SF 499
Computer Science Capstone
MA 125
Pre-calculus or (MA 120 & MA 121)
MA 230
Discrete Math
CS 371
Android App Development
CS 372
iOS App Development
CS 373
Introduction to Game Development
CS 374
Math & Physics for Games
CS 375
App Project
CS 165
CS 313
Advanced C#
CS 365
Program Language Systems
CS 170
Web Page Design
CS 319
Web Page Programming
CS 340
Database Management


  • CS 365  Program Language Sys (3)
  • CS 140  A+ OR
    CS 321  Networking (3)
  • CS 315  Operating Systems OR
    CS 345  Organization & Arch. (3)
  • MG 321  Management (3)

Minor requirements in another discipline as approved by an advisor.



Between 70 - 75% of all business transactions world-wide are performed in COBOL, with an estimated 200 billion lines of code supported by software developers, many of whom are retiring.  Organizations face a difficult task of maintaining and developing their existing code base.  This Certification will help to address that disparity by providing skilled professionals who can meet industry needs well into the future.  This concentration will provide the opportunity for current students or industry professionals to gain the necessary skills to support a workplace that continues to rely heavily on the COBOL programming language.   Students will cover the theory and practice of writing programs in COBOL to support the processing of transactions from banks, ATM machines, Point-of-Sale and other business activities. 

COBOL Certificate Requirements:

Course No.
Course Name
CS 120
Introduction to Computer Science I
CS 166
OOP in Java
CS 167
COBOL Programming
CS 316
Advanced COBOL Programming
CS 356
Visual COBOL Programming
CS 368
COBOL for Java Programmers


  • CS 140  A+ (3)
  • CS 145  Network+ (3)
  • CS 321  Networking (3)
  • MG 321  Management (3)

And one of the following:

Web Master

  • CS 160  Visual Basic (3)
  • CS 170  Web Page Design (3)
  • CS 312  Adv. Visual Basic (3)
  • CS 319  Web Page Prog. (3)
  • AR 270  Digital Media: Img (3)
  • AR 271  DM: Page Layout (3)
  • AR 379  DM: Design Web (3)
  • AR 471  DM: Interactive Me (3)

Other Certification Program

  • Approved by advisor

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