B.S.B.A. - Marketing

Avila University’s Marketing major provides a strong background to enter this popular, fast-paced and dynamic field.  This flexible degree opens doors to exciting opportunities in advertising/public relations, marketing research, personal selling, sales, consulting, brand/product management to name but a few.  Marketing majors are also very well-positioned to enter MBA programs of study.  Avila University's Marketing students frequently pursue high-quality internships, part-time work and related minors such as Communication or Psychology to position themselves for a wider selection of career options.

SPECIAL NOTE: If a student graduates with relevant work or internship experience, the student can expect a higher starting salary and more career options, such as in the areas of Advertising and Marketing Management.

Course Requirements

Course Requirements



CS 210 Navigating the Digital Society
EN 112  Composition 2  
PY 101  General Psychology


AC 201 Principles of Accounting I   
AC 202 Principles of Accounting II
BL 305 Legal Aspects of Business I
BU 340 Business Communications
BU 499 Business Policy
EC 202 Principles of Microeconomics
EC 203 Principles of Macroeconomics
EC 240 Statistical Analysis
EC 241 Quantitative Analysis
FI 330 Finance
MG 321 Management  OR
MG 322 Organizational Behavior & Development
MG 498 Strategic Management
MK 310 Marketing 

MK 415 Marketing Policy (CE)
MK 417 Marketing Research   

Four (4) of the following:  

EC 340 Statistical Analysis II:  Regression 
MK 312 Consumer Behavior   
MK 313 Promotion Strategy   
MK 316 Personal Selling   
MK 411 International Marketing (GS)   
MK 412 Services Marketing   

Curriculum Sheet 2018-19

Curriculum Sheet  2017-18

Curriculum Sheet  2016-17

Career Opportunities

The Avila Promise

  • Lower Tuition Rate
  • Tuition Protection
  • 4-Year Graduation Guarantee
  • Internship or Research Guarantee
  • up to $1,000 Travel Award


That’s the Avila Promise.

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