Outcomes & Assessments

History Outcomes

History Outcomes: In addition to the listed course requirements, history majors must meet all of the following outcomes. History minors are expected to meet only outcomes 1) Knowledge and 2) Theory listed below, which are assessed in a course-by-course basis.

  • Knowledge: Identify and characterize the major questions of American and World history in terms of continuity and change using relevant political, economic, social, religious, and cultural institutions, traditions, and beliefs. *All history courses provide instruction and practice relevant to this outcome.
  • Theory: Demonstrate an understanding of the effects of race, gender, class, ethnicity, or religion on the experiences of ordinary and extraordinary people of the past using current historical theory and methodology. *Formal instruction and practice occurs in, HI 399 Historical Methods, but preliminary instruction and practice are components of every upper-division history courses.
  • Praxis: Using the “knowledge” and “theory” of the outcomes above, examine and analyze primary documents, pose a historical question (i.e., offer an interpretation or thesis) that the weight of evidence seems to answer, then provide context for one’s historical question and evidence using the available secondary literature synthesized in a well-written work of historical scholarship. * Formal instruction and practice occurs in HI 399 Historical Methods and HI 499 Senior Thesis, but preliminary instruction and practice are components of every upper-division history course.

 History Outcomes: Assessment of the Major

The outcomes of the history major are formally assessed in two ways: 1) using an electronic portfolio produced in HI 499 Senior Thesis, which serves as the departmental comprehensive examination in the history major, and 2) the senior thesis produced in HI 499 Senior Thesis. The comprehensive examination generally consists of a reflective essay in which students are challenged to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the outcomes 1) Knowledge and 2) Theory. The senior thesis is the primary means to assess each history major’s ability to produce a well-written work of historical scholarship as described in outcome 3) Praxis. The criterion for each outcome is: 100% of history majors will demonstrate knowledge and application of the outcome with at least 75% accuracy.

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