Minor Requirements

Minor Degree Requirements

Avila’s history program emphasizes the acquisition of a breadth of historical knowledge and the research skills of historical scholarship that encompass the fields of American and World history. The history curriculum incorporates multiple perspectives and methodological approaches to human history, thus capturing the experiences of the rich and poor, the powerful and oppressed.

A major in history prepares students for a variety of opportunities. Traditional professions for historians have been teaching in secondary schools, but other possibilities exist in historical preservation, archival work, and museum administration. The study of history has also been seen as an appropriate preparation for graduate study in law and information management/library studies.


MINOR IN HISTORY (18 Semester Hours in History)

Candidates for a minor in History must receive a grade of “C” or above in all history courses and complete the following history courses:

Introductory History Courses: 6 semester hours (Minimum)

Any two (2) lower-division (100 or 200 level) history courses (either American or World history.)

 Intermediate History Courses: 9 semester hours (Minimum)

Any three (3) upper-division (i.e., 300-level or above—excluding HI 399) history courses but at least one upper-division course must be American history and at least one upper-division course must be World history.

 Advanced Courses in History:  3 semester hours

HI 399 Historical Research (Must be completed at Avila University.)


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