Advantage Faculty & Staff

The strength of Avila Advantage’s undergraduate and graduate programs is its faculty—instructors who are recognized throughout the area for their depth of knowledge, availability and enthusiasm.

Avila Advantage faculty members are handpicked for their diverse professional expertise and desire to teach. Advantage faculty members love what they’re doing and take pride in the accomplishments of their students.

Avila Advantage faculty challenge and collaborate with students, rigorously blending classroom instruction with real-world application.

Avila Advantage Staff

Avila Advantage Admission Staff

Advantage Faculty

Jan Asnicar
Bill Frede
Dave Lingerfelt
Janet Smith
Joe Barnhill
Ken Fuenfhausen
J. Dale Marrant
Bethany Stanley
Ronnie Beach
Matt Fuenfhausen
Paul Marquardt
Marchita R. Stanton
Ron Beeler
Karen Gaines
Teresa McClain
Gina Staves
Debra Belt
Shawnta Gantt-Jefferies
Kent McGeeney
Jeanne Stephens
Betty Berg
Cecilia Garrett
Sharon McGloin
Carrie Stevick
Stacy M. Bernard, MS, LNHA
John Gomillion
Rusty McLouth
Andria Stokes
JD Biggs
Phillip Gonsher
Carmela Meyer
Linda Strelluf
Diane Bigler
Carmen Grandfieldss
Georgia Mueller
P. Jeffery Sturgis – CISA, PMP, CDP, CSP
Shari Blank
Traci Greer
Ann O’Meara
Sarah Sullivan
Richard Bradford
Timothy Hamilton
Brian Owens
Tony Taylor
Darla Buckley
Jaimie Kirby
Dr. Mary Patterson
Thomas Turner
Phil Byrne
Ryan Heinlein
Nancy Peterson
Kory Twaddle
Dr. Kelly Campbell
Karen Hendrix
Maureen Purcell
Ana Valdez
Sara Carvalho
Lori Hillsman
Marcy Randall
Tom Ventresca
Kari Clevenger
Peggy Hinzman
Janet Reagor
Jordan Wagge
Carol Coburn
Lara Holy
Cynthia Rose
Diane Waisner
Theo Coney
Margo Humenczuk
Joyce Rozmiarek-Hill
Keith Washburn
Kevin Costello
Steve Ilif
Adrian Sargeant
Amy Webber
Justin Davis
Jack Jennings
Suzie Sheer
Greg Wegst
J.J. DeSimone
Bonnie Johnson
Mary Schroeder
Bart Whaley
Jim Doyle
Sunny Jones
A. Michael Segalo
Randy Woehl
Mark Eaton, Ph.D.
Ted Kepes
Joey Skidmore
Hal Wood
Adrianne Ford
Pamela Konetzni
Jere Smith
Bob Franzese
Cliff Kroski
Raymond F. Smith

The Avila Promise

  • Lower Tuition Rate
  • Tuition Protection
  • 4-Year Graduation Guarantee
  • Internship or Research Guarantee
  • up to $1,000 Travel Award


That’s the Avila Promise.

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avila summer promise

summer promise

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Adult & Graduate Open House

adult learner in learning commons

adult learner in learning commons
Thursday, July 19, 2018
Goppert Theatre Lobby
4:30 – 6:30 p.m.
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