Earn your Psychology Degree

Success in any field requires understanding, relating to and working with a diverse group of people in diverse situations.

Our degree immerses students in the principles, insights and scientific methods used to analyze human behavior. We give you the tools to become an observant and effective manager, supervisor or executive in a wide range of mental health professions.

You'll learn:

  • Psychological knowledge and application
  • Scientific reasoning and research skills
  • Professional and personal values consistent with psychology as a discipline
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Professional and career development

While your psychology degree is a challenging 120-credit-hour curriculum, the Advantage is that you can progress at your own pace. With classes beginning throughout the year, you have the flexibility to pause and restart your progress according to your personal schedule. Semesters run in an 8-week, on-campus, online, or weekend-intensive format.

Course Requirements

Course Requirements

As one of the more rigorous psychology degrees in Kansas City, this program includes the core curriculum necessary for all bachelor’s degrees and also teaches necessary skills for several types of mental health professions.


Core Requirements  

CO 110  Fundamentals of Communication
EN 111 Composition I
MA 115 Application of College Mathematics
EN 112 Rhetorical Argument (B)
PY 371 Cognitive Psychology (B)
Elective (C)
Elective (C)
PY 101 General Psychology (N)
PY 208 Lifespan Development (N)
PY 210 Abnormal Psychology (S)
SP 111 Spanish (S)
CONTRIBUTE (Need 6 credits)
PY 321 Leadership (B)
PY 485 Field Experience in Psychology (N)
PY 383 Drug Addiction & Use (N)
IS 311 Peace Studies (S)
IS 311 Peace Studies
IS 336 Food & Culture
IS 340 Mediation
GLOBAL STUDIES (Need 3 of 4)
IS 311 Peace Studies
IS 336 Food & Culture
RS 117 World Religions
SP 111 Spanish I
PY 485 Field Experience in Psychology

Major Related Requirements  

HC 456 Informatics
EN 112 Rhetorical Argument *
PY 101 General Psychology *
SP 111 Spanish I *
PY 101 General Psychology *
PY 201 Personality Psychology
PY 208 Life Span Development *
PY 210 Abnormal Psychology *
PY 212 Conflict Resolution *
PY 216 Social Psychology *
PY 224 Psychology of Communication
PY 260 Research Methods
PY 320 Psychotherapy Approaches
PY 332 Health Psychology              OR
PY 383 Drug Addiction & Use *
PY 485 Field Experience in Psychology *
EC 240 Statistics
Three Hours From:
PY 314 Psychology of Gender *
PY 321 Leadership *
PY 380 Forensic Psychology
* Can meet Core as well as Major Requirement
** Must be completed within first 48 hours at Avila
(S) – Social Justice & Civic Life, (C)– Creativity & Culture,
(B) – Belief & Reason, (N) – Explorations of Nature,
(I) – Interdisciplinary Studies, (G) – Global Studies,
(E) – Community Engagement

Career Opportunities

Mental Health Professions & Other Careers with a Psychology Degree

Projected job growth in the field of Psychology varies by specialty, but job opportunities should continue to grow as job openings are expected to exceed the number of graduates from counseling programs. Education and training requirements vary by state and specialty, but a master's degree is required to become a licensed counselor (Occupational Outlook Handbook). Job opportunities for Psychology majors include positions in some of the following areas:

· Educational counselors
· Elementary school counselors (Master's degree required)
· Employment and career counselors
· Rehab/addiction counselors
· Mental health counselors
· Marriage and family therapists
· Social and human services workers
· Business and human resources professional
· Educational administrators

The Avila Promise

  • Lower Tuition Rate
  • Tuition Protection
  • 4-Year Graduation Guarantee
  • Internship or Research Guarantee
  • up to $1,000 Travel Award


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