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Majoring in accounting prepares you for an exciting accounting career within public accounting, corporations, government and with nonprofit organizations. A very large demand exists for students to enter this profession. Accountants provide a service by providing economic information for decisions that are made by investors and creditors as well as business managers. Major certification available to the accounting professional are: CPA, CMA and CIA. Since there are many career options in accounting, we offer two degree choices for our accounting majors. Your personal academic advisor can help you decide whether the coursework found in the Bachelor of Science of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree is best for your chosen career path. 


EN 112  Composition II
PY 101  General Psychology
CS 210 Navigating Digital Society

BUSINESS CORE (Corporate Accounting Track):
AC 201 Principles of Accounting I
AC 202 Principles of Accounting II
BL 305 Legal Aspects of Business I
EC 202 Principles of Microeconomics
EC 203 Principles of Macroeconomics
EC 240 Statistical Analysis
FI 330 Finance
MG 321 Management  OR
MG 322 Organizational Behavior & Development
MK 310 Marketing

AC 250 Accounting Issues
AC 355 Cost Accounting
AC 361 Intermediate Accounting I
AC 362 Intermediate Accounting II
AC 365 Accounting Information Systems
AC 370 Auditing
AC 451 Tax Accounting I
AC 452 Tax Accounting II
AC 460 Advanced Accounting
AC 475 Accounting Theory (Capstone)
Six hours of AC/BU/CS/EC/LG electives
 (Courses marked ** below may be used to fulfill these electives.)

Must take Corporate Accounting requirements (business core and accounting)
Plus the following three courses:
**BL 345 Legal Aspects of Business II
**EC 241 Quantitative Analysis
Upper Division Economics Course

Curriculum Sheet – Public Accounting 2019-20

Curriculum Sheet – Public Accounting 2018-19

Curriculum Sheet – Public Accounting 2017-18

Curriculum Sheet – Public Accounting 2016-17

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