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Health Services

for your personal wellness


General Guidelines
All health records, examinations, treatments, and discussions are confidential. Health records are maintained in Health Services and are NOT a part of the university's official records. Records are kept five years after a student is no longer officially enrolled. At that time all records are shredded for disposal.

Verification of Absence or Illness
Health Services is the official office to contact if a student is missing classes related to personal illness or injury, family emergency, death of family or friend. When the verification is sent to notify faculty, advisors, coaches, or on-campus employers only general information is shared. Specific personal health reason for absence remains confidential.

Circumstances when it is permissible to breach confidentiality without expressed consent include:

  • If the person is in clear and imminent danger of hurting himself/herself or hurting another person
  • If current abuse of a child or dependent adult is reported
  • If records are subpoenaed by a court of law

For further questions regarding confidentiality, contact the Director of Health Services.