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We're Back.... So what did we do with summer?

Linda Strelluf @ Longboat Key, Florida

When school ends for summer, I can't wait to head to the beach.  I love the Gulf of Mexico, and this year we visited Longboat Key, Florida.  LBK is in Barrier Island across the bay from Sarasota.  I spent my days at the edge of the Gulf, relaxing in the sun and combing the beach.  This year I found a huge shell hidden in a cluster of beach flowers; it is now residing in my media room at home.  I took pictures of the beautiful beach scenery; I had lunch almost daily with a heron,  and supper with "Frasier" the crane (Seabirds can spot a soft touch 1000 feet away). It was a lovely holiday after our hectic schedule during spring finals.  I love teaching at Avila, but I could live at the beach forever.

J. Anthony Snorgrass, PhD. (ada Dr. J)

My summer was filled curating the summer-long exhibit of my E. Simms Campbell Esquire collection in the Thornhill Gallery.  It was huge success, but I also spent a lot of time and energy curating my tennis game. I played almost daily - enough to maintain my USTA rankings and qualify for the national senior Grass Court Championships in New York and the National Clay Court Championships in New Orleans this fall.

Susan Lawlor, Chair Art + Design

I traveled extensively in the US this summer, logging over 4000 miles of road trip and crossing 14 states, from New Jersey to Montana in my___. And yes, that's a buffalo in my viewfinder!

Nicole Esquibel, MFA

I led a discussion and presented the film El Violin (2005, Mexico, Dir: Francisco Vargas) at the Nelson-Adkins Museum on August 3.  The filml was part of a retrospective on contemporary Mexican Cinema in conjunction with the Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera and the Masterpieces of Modern Mexico exhibit.

Seoul South Korea, Dotty Hamilton

I started my summer with a trip to South Korea to set up the spring 2014 Food and Culture course, which will travel to Seoul in May 2014. Professor Eric Winter and I had a wonderful time planning activities and finding a hotel for the trip.  We immersed ourselves in the traditional foods and food markets and look forward to teaching our students how to learn about another culture through the lens of its food, customs and manners.

Eric Winter, Assistant Professor, Art + Design

My summer was one of juxtaposition, a bizarre combination of tedious website construction brightened by amazing trips to Seoul, South Korea and Lake of the Woods, Canada. Good times.

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