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Anticipating Spring Break

March 2014

Spring Break begins next week and several of the students from our Public Relations class were happy to share their plans for the much anticipated holiday.

"I'm going to Dallas to visit friends," declared Nicole Jamoir, "and I am going to eat my weight in Tex-Mex!"

Nic Yonter is looking forward to a road trip to Panama City, Florida with friends.  " There are 18 of us going," Yonter said as he laughed, "We plan on bringing home at least 17."

Shea Ketchum, who will be combining work with pleasure. As part of a team of characters sponsored by US Toy Costume and Magic, Ketchum will assume the persona of Sweet Pea from Sucker Punch at Planet Comicon-KC. "It is going to be fun," she said.

Pictured below Left to right Shea Ketchum, Nic Yonter, Julie Gale and Nciole Jamore.

"Destination Unknown" could be the title an action movie, but for Josh Rocklage it is a mission.  Serving as a leader for Grace Church Student Ministries he will be traveling to Colorado with a group of young people.

"We started three years ago with 30 students, last year there were 60, and this year 90," said Rocklage. "This trip has grown fast as more and more kids want to experience a once in a life time event." The youth know they are going to Colorado, but have no idea where they will end up or what the adventure will include at their final destination.

Nichole Phillips, Julie Gale, and Mohammed Al-Abdulla plan on using the break as an opportunity to study, research, create, and catch up on school work - a final push to the final grade.

Pictured below, left to right - Josh Rocklage, Mohammed Al-bdulla, Nichole Phillips


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