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Annual Filmmaker's Panel

October 2012

Oct 9, 2012 - Avila University's School of Visual and Communication Arts (VisCom) hosted its annual Filmmaker's Panel.  The event was held in the Dallavis Center Production Studio.  Included on the panel were film makers Tim Oliphant, Michelle Batliner, and Avila's own Ben Pascoe.  All three panelist had documentaries entered in the 2012 Kansas Internationational Film Festival - "Dave," "Rise and Dream," and "Leave it on the Track", respectively.

The panelists shared words of wisdom with those in attendance. Oliphant suggested a way to get one's foot in the door was through documentary film festivals, and tht "it's all about connections". He reiterated that, "...it is always so rewarding when you create something that has an impact." Batliner advised, "Keep your mind open-you never know where life will take you," and that "a 3 minute piece can be just as valuable as a 90 minute piece." She also encouraged attendees to get work with an already established organization or studio, and to not get discouraged in trying something new.  Pascoe closed by stating "Always choose a project that you're passionate about."


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