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Student photographs published in Photographer's Forum Best of College Photography 2012

March 25, 2012

The photographic works of Avila University students Jane Darrah, Micah Hair, Garrett Durbin and Georgia Trevor were selected for publication in Photographer's Forum Best of College Photography 2012. The annual contest, sponsored by Photographer's Forum magazine, is open to students both nationally and around the world. Over 14,000 student photos were submitted to the 2012 contest.

Kathy Mendenhall, Avila photography instructor, expresses much pride in her students, "Our students continue to produce quality work. Over the past 10 years, we consistently have success entering this competition. It's great to see the students' talent and effort rewarded at the national level."

Photographer's Forum publication Best of College Photography 2012, featuring the students' photos and other exemplary college photography from across the nation, will be released in June 2013.

Jane Darrah Photo Forumn

Jane Darrah

Micah Hair Photo Forumn

Micah Hair

Durbin Photo Forumn

Garrett Durbin

Georgia Trevor Photo Forumn

Georgia Trevor

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