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FILM & DIGITAL MEDIA - Degree Requirements

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The Communication department provides a broad base of theoretical and practical coursework in the communications industry. The candidate for the Bachelor of Arts degree must fulfill all general degree requirements. In addition to completing core foundation courses and learning the use of software across the field, students will develop skills suited to their particular career interests.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Communication
Degree Requirements:

  Credit Hours
Core Curriculum
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Communication Foundation 24
Film & Digital Media Concentration 36
General Electives 25-28
Total Credit Hours 128


CO 125 Intro to Journalism
CO 225 Mass Media & Society
AR/CO 270 Digital Media: Imaging
AR/CO 271 Digital Media: Page Layout
CO 360 Media Law
CO 391 Communication Theory
CO 495 Internship
CO 499 Senior Seminar
Film & Digital Media
CO 216 Corporate Scriptwriting
CO 217 Screenwriting
AR 221 Beginning Photography
CO 223 Shooting & Lighting
CO 327 Editing & Audio
AR/CO 379 Design for the Web
CO 425 Intermediate Production
CO 427 Senior Production Project
Six credit hours from:
CO 181 Survey of Film I
CO 182 Survey of Film II
CO 380 Special Topics (1-3 hours)
Digital Media Electives (6 credit hours):
CO 337 Techniques in Digital Animation
CO 338 Techniques in Digital Effects
CO 380 Special Topic: DVD Authoring
AR 471 Digital Media: Interactive Media
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