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ART THERAPY - Degree Requirements

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The Art Therapy curriculum is based on recommendations by the American Art Therapy Association.

All Art + Design degree programs begin with foundation courses in the areas of drawing, art history, color theory and two-dimensional and three-dimensional design. The foundation helps students establish essential visual, conceptual and technical skills. A low faculty-to-student ratio in the Art + Design Department (enrollment in most art courses is limited to 12 students) means students receive individualized instruction and have a one-on-one relationship with the faculty.

Courses in psychology provide a background in human development and psychological theory which can be used as an effective treatment for the developmentally, medically, socially, or psychologically impaired.  

Bachelor of Arts (B. A.) in Art Therapy
Degree Requirements:

  Credit Hours
Core Curriculum
(Click to view Avila's Core Curriculum)
Art Foundation 24
Art Studio 21
Art Therapy 6
Psychology 18
Electives 16-19
Total 128


Art Foundation
AR 111 Beginning Drawing
AR 117 Two-Dimensional Design
AR 119 Three-Dimensional Design
AR 181 Survey of Art
AR 183 Survey of Art II
AR 212 Intermediate Drawing
AR 218 Principles of Color Theory
AR 387 History of Contemporary Art
Art Studio
AR 221 Beginning Photography
AR 231 Beginning Ceramics
AR 261 Beginning Painting
AR 351 Printmaking
AR 355 Fiber Design
AR 365 Watercolor
  Computer Elective (3 credit hours)
Art Therapy
AR 251 Introduction to Art Therapy
AR 359 Art as Therapy
PY 101 General Psychology
PY 201 Personality Theory
PY 205 Human Growth and Development
PY 310 Abnormal Psychology
PY 320 Current Trends in Psychotherapy
  Psychology Electives (3 credit hours)


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