Avila University

Wireless Internet Access

Open-access Network SSID: AVILA
Encrypted Student/Staff/Faculty Network SSID:  AUSECURE

Campus Wireless Coveragecampuscov

What do I need:
 »  A laptop/notebook computer
 »  A wireless network card
 »  An operating system that supports your network card
 »  Up to date virus protection software

How do I connect:
In the designated locations, your computer will detect the wireless network AVILA and AUSECURE.
Connect to AVILA and open a web browser. You will be taken to a Network Registration webpage
Follow instructions on that page to connect to the Secure Wireless (AUSECURE) (click here)

NOTE: The “AVILA” wireless does not use any encryption.  The information that travels between your computer at the Wireless Access Point is not encrypted and can be intercepted.  For this reason we highly recommend users update to Windows XP or MacOS X v10.3 or later and configure their computers to use the AUSECURE encrypted network.  We recommend use of the unencrypted network only to gain access to the instructions for using the AUSECURE network.

Other Questions and Answers:

Q: What resources are available over this wireless connection? 
A: Internet access only.  Printers and network files are not available at this time.  Avila Email (Outlook Web Access), CampusWeb, and Angel are accessible.

Q: How do I know if my laptop will work? 
:  If it works with any other 802.11 standard wireless network it should work with the AVILA network.

Q: Why does Avila have more than one wireless network?

  • AVILA (Unencrypted Network) allows for maximum compatibility with wireless devices.  Because of its lack of encryption and authentication, even older hardware and software will work with this network.

  • AUSECURE (Encrypted/Secure Network) provides wireless security but it has more stringent requirements of both hardware and software.  This is the preferred network if your wireless device is able to use it.

Q: What are the requirements for the AUSECURE network? 
:  An updated/patched Windows XP (www.windowsupdate.com) or MacOS X v10.3 computer should be able to access the AUSECURE network.

Q: Why do I have to register my computer every day for internet access? 
:  Users of the unsecured AVILA network must register their computers to identify who they are.  Users of the AUSECURE network are not required to do this.

QDoes the AUSECURE network make my information secure? 
A:  NO.  It only secures the information as it travels from your computer to the Avila network over the open airspace so that your neighbor in the library cannot see your information.  You must still use other layers of security to keep your information private to the internet (HTTPS/SSL, PGP, SSH, VPN, for example)

Q: What type of security does the AUSECURE network use? 
: It uses standards based WPA security, TKIP/AES encryption, and the EAP/MS-CHAP authentication protocol using 802.1x authentication standards.