Avila University

Computer Facilities

Avila University has seven computer labs located around campus.
The library houses an open lab, including networked computers with scanners.  Students can use software such as Microsoft Office 2003, SPSS and many other applications for specific classes. The library also houses computers dedicated to a variety of software packages directed toward nursing education and stastical purposes.

O'Rielly Hall houses three computer labs:
In rooms 105 / 106 / 108 there are computers available for class use. Faculty and students often use these labs for classes and projects. These computers are used for word processing, design, database integration, statistics, as well as researching on the Internet.

Carondelet lab:
Carondelet residence hall has 10 networked computers available for student use. These computers are quite popular for use with projects, homework, and Internet usage.

Dallavis Lab:

The Dallavis Lab houses 15 networked Macintosh computers with SuperDisc and Toast capabilities. The Art and Communications students take classes in this lab as well as project work, design work, and research on the Internet.

Nursing Lab:
The Borserine Nursing Center Lab houses 6 lab computers for use by nursing students.

All computers on the campus are able to use Avila's network and have internet access.