Avila University

AU Drive - Avila File Access

Access your Avila My Documents, and other network shares
from any computer on the Internet

log on

Log on using your Avila username and password. Please note: when signing on to AU Drive, put "AVILA\" before your username, without the quotation marks, as shown here. 

If logon fails, log on to your email and see if your password has expired.

The Information Technology Services department is available for assistance
Monday - Friday between 8AM to 5PM at 816-501-2900.
What do I need:
  • A modern computer with updated anti-virus software.
  • Internet access, anywhere.  For example, at your house, on the Avila wireless, in the residence halls, or at McDonalds down the road.
  • Instructions for Windows XP are given but all modern operating systems support this file access method.  Additional instructions will be added to this webpage as requested.

Q: How does this work?
A: This file access operates over the standard Secured HTTP protocol that you use every day when browsing the web.  It takes advantage of recent additions to the HTTP protocol known as WebDAV to facilitate the file transfers.

  Q: Why does it ask me multiple times for a username and password?
A: This is because WebDAV is not fully integrated yet into the Microsoft Windows operating system and its applications.  It is a relatively new technology that has yet to fully mature.  You can chose to "Save username and password" if you have that option.  Or you can copy files from this space onto your local computer to work off, and copy them back when you are done.
QHow is this useful to me?
A:  It allows you to access your Avila network drive without being at an Avila lab computer or workstation.  Without this file access method, there was no way to access your Avila network files except from an Avila owned computer.