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Dave '76 and Geri Frantze
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38th Annual
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Steer Dinner and Auction

Steer Leadership

38th Annual Steer Honorary Chairpersons: Dave ‘76 and Geri Frantze

For Dave ’76 and Geri Frantze, the duties that come with being Honorary Chairs of Avila University’s 2014 Steer Dinner & Auction are taken very personally and held close to their hearts.

For Dave, the purpose behind Steer Dinner – to raise money for student scholarships – especially hits close to home. Part of the first generation of his family to attend college, Dave, currently a partner at prestigious Kansas City law firm Stinson Morrison Hecker LLP, fully admits he never would have had the opportunity to attend Avila, where he graduated in 1976 with a bachelor of arts in theatre and history, were it not for financial aid that came from scholarships and earnings from a work study job.

A lifelong resident of the Kansas City area, Dave’s father was a maintenance foreman at a General Motors plant. His mother worked part-time. While he believes his parents placed a high enough value on education that they would have found a way to send him to a public school if necessary, the only way he could have ever afforded a private college was with a scholarship.

“A significant part of the decision process was cost,” said Frantze, the youngest of three siblings. “At the time I graduated high school, my parents were living on Social Security and my dad’s pension from GM.

“At Avila, I had straight scholarship assistance, work study and Social Security. It took all of those things for me to be able to attend Avila.”

"To me, that’s the American dream … to have the chance to move up in life through furthering your education. An opportunity to be a part of that really excites me." - Dave Frantze

Honorary Chairpersons
Dave '76 and Geri Frantze

dave and geri