Avila University
Steer Dinner

Steer Leadership

Dave '76 and Geri Frantze
Honorary Chairs

Kenneth and Marilyn Hager
Event Chairs

38th Annual
Inspire. Influence. Transform.
Steer Dinner and Auction

History of Steer

In 1977, the Steer Dinner started with the gift of an American Royal Grand Champion Steer (named Jimmy C), a Sister, and a plan.

When Jimmy C was donated to by several area businessmen to Sister Olive Louis Dallavis, then President of Avila, she needed to turn the gift into cash. The school cafeteria was moderately decorated, tables set and steaks served. Since the first dinner years ago, alumni, family and friends have contributed more than $6 million in scholarship money – assuring that 98% of first-year Avila students receive some form of financial assistance.

Please join Dave '76 and Geri Frantze, honorary chairpersons, and Kenneth and Marilyn Hager, event chairpersons, champions of education in our community today, at the 2014 Steer Dinner as they continue the legacy of Sister Olive Louise and raise scholarship funds for those that need it the most.

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heads and tails dancing

Past Steer Leadership

Dave ‘76 and Geri Frantze join a long list of community leaders that have lent their time, talents and treasures to make sure the legacy of Sister Olive Louise and the Steer Dinner continues to thrive. Special thanks to these past Steer Honorary Chairpersons – leaders who continue to champion values-based education and other important initiatives in
our community:

  • Don and Christine Alexander
  • Kathleen Andrews
  • The Andrews McMeel Universal Foundation
  • Carolyn Berbiglia
  • Robert and Phyliss ’80, ’81 Bernstein
  • Henry and Marion Bloch
  • Bob and Olie Boyle
  • The Clarkson Company
  • Forster-Powers Charitable Trust
  • Sister Olive Louise Dallavis
  • Vince and Marilee DiCarlo
  • Bill Sr. and Jean ’44 Dunn
  • Joe and Sue Fahey
  • The Goppert Foundation
  • Richard and Shirli Goppert
  • John Latshaw
  • John and Nancy McCarthy
  • Kevin and Susan McGreevy
  • John and Susan McMeel
  • Dorothy Meade Memorial/Dr. Benjamin Meade
  • Mary Beth Meyers
  • The Bob and Carol Miller Family
  • Mike and Emmy Morrissey
  • Philomena Muntzel
  • Jeanne ’92, ’94, ’11 and Tom Olofson
  • Paddi Browne O Sullivan
  • Will and Senia ’01 Shields
  • John J. Sullivan, Jr.
  • Rose Teicher
  • The Class of 1954 and Byron Thompson in Memory of Jeanne Collins Thompson ‘54
  • The Byron Thompson Family
  • The Bill Waris Scholarship Fund
  • Dorothy Whitfield ’55