He positions his feet shoulder width apart.  He wipes the sweat from his brow.  He checks his grip. His two hands work together to steady the club. Precise.  Suddenly, he swings.  The ball rockets into the air.  Several pairs of eyes watch the tiny white speck against the blue sky as the little ball sails through the air.   As it descends, excitement builds as it looks like it will hit the green. A hollow knocking sound resonates as it comes in contact with the finely sculpted grass.  The ball has momentum after contact and is rolling toward the hole! Going…going…gone! A hole in one! A lifetime hobby celebrated in a perfect shot!

Dr. Fred Geer, professor of education at Avila University, helps students achieve their dreams everyday, celebrate their triumphs and learn from their mistakes.  He helps to shape the teachers of tomorrow, today.

Golf is a game of finesse; in order for one to be successful, it takes dedicated practice, precise movement.  One must be mentally focused and open to change.  Dr. Fred Geer is good at golf because he is experienced, patient and knows how to measure success.   

Geer is reflective of a mantra he adopted long ago “be strong-minded and tender-hearted.” Whereas this is helpful on the golf course it is the impact on education majors and his teaching style that Geer’s philosophy is the most influential.  

For over thirty-three years Geer has worked with students at Avila and helped them to become educators who serve as leaders in their field.  His outside research brings a unique perspective to the classroom, offer Avila students a wealth of knowledge as they interact with a highly respected educator.  

Geer has conducted clinical research with school districts, students and parents, studying education trends to determine what methods lead to success.  Currently, he performs psycho-educational consulting services for a number of school districts in the Kansas City area.  

In addition to education and golf, Geer is a huge KU fan.  This past year Geer traveled to see the Orange Bowl and the NCAA Division championship.  His love of college athletics extends to Avila as he is the faculty representative for Avila Athletics and can be seen at many of the games.  

Geer has won the Avila Medal of Honor and the School of Education Educator of the Year.  The Dr. Fred Geer Athletic Award is awarded annually to both the men’s and women’s teams and the top individuals with the highest GPA.  

Dr. Geer received a bachelor of science in education and a master of science from Emporia State University and a Ph.D. in special education administration from the University of Kansas.