Avila University
AU Spotlight
Submitted January 21, 2009
Avila professor brings knowledge and experts to Avila

Brian Buckler, Ph.D.,
Professor of Marketing
Member of Avila since 1996

Since joining the Avila University family in 1996, marketing professor Brian Buckler, Ph.D. has been teaching students to be good consumers of information by mixing the roles of a psychologist and a mathematician.

With Buckler’s training in marketing research and consumer behavior, he said he wants his students to be good consumers of information and information technology, and to learn how to be effective project leaders and team players.

“I want them to know how to think about business problems and also walk away with a skill set that gives them a problem-solving advantage on day one,” Buckler said.

Along with teaching, Buckler is continuing his research. Buckler had two international papers accredited last year and has four currently under review. Buckler has most recently been published in the Journal of Services Marketing. Buckler is also the Vice President of Development for the American Marketing Association – Kansas City, organizing their annual educational seminar held on Avila’s campus.

“For the past several years, we've held the seminar at Avila and have hosted top executives from some of the biggest companies around:  NASCAR, Blockbuster, Google, Nike and this year we have Facebook,” Buckler said. “The event raises tens of thousands of dollars each year for AMA operations, charities, student scholarships, and money for Avila groups such as women's studies and theatre. Most importantly, it attracts most of the most influential marketing professionals, educators, and students in the region to our campus.”

While Buckler is focused on bringing the best experts to his students, he is also bringing a unique knowledge set. Buckler presented at last year’s Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference in Vancouver, Canada, concentrating on rare topics.

"I want them to know how to think about business problems and also walk away with a skill set that gives them a problem-solving advantage on day one."
“The topics are quite interesting,” Buckler said. “The first is on compulsive buying and the secrecy that surrounds this dark side of consumer behavior.  The other is on consumer boycott behavior, specifically the international boycott of Canadian seafood to end the yearly seal hunt.”

When not in the classroom or working on research, Buckler enjoys traveling. Growing up in an airline family, Buckler said he has always loved to travel.

“I try to take one, three-day weekend trip per month,” Buckler said. “Last year I went to Canada, Denver, Breckenridge, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Austin, Seattle, and canoeing in the Ozarks.”

When relaxing at home, Buckler practices his green thumb. For the past two years, he has grown banana trees both indoors and out. AU