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Robert Johnson, Transfer student, Accounting major
Dereik Domerese 13, Social Work and Music Alum
Larry Altman, Education adjunct
Cleveland Neal, Film student and Veteran
Rylie Odom, Transfer student, Pre-med student
Patrick Moore, Theatre major, Marketing minor, Athlete
Katrina Stansbury, Avila Advantage student
Andy Perkins '14, Theatre
Rachael Beard '14, Nursing, Ariston Winner
Matt Beal '14, Advantage Program
Adrianna Bartolotta, Musical Theatre
Logan Sterling, Transfer student, Major in Nursing
Larry Hayes, Veteran, MBA
Teri Martin, Business Major
Tori Kopp, Nursing
Ricky Farrell, Double major in Computer Science & Music
The Howards, Veterans
Aaron Coffey, Director of Graduate Psychology
Katie Gerstner , Nursing
Jake Sanders '04, Corporate Communication
Carole Hillestad, Assistant Professor of Radiologic Science
Joanna Inwards '13, Social Work Major
Mark Guthrie, Veteran, Teaching Certification
Shannon Hiser and Kelsey Hanner, Graduate Psychology Alumnae
Brittany Rose'13, Nursing Major
Carol Coburn, Ph.D., Professor in Relgious Studies and Women's Studies
Greg Fitch, Ph.D., Professor of Biology
Lisa York '13, Marketing & Business Management Major
Father Keith Branson, University Chaplain
Teresa Lorenz, Assistant Professor of Spanish
Marchel Turner, Master's degree in Counseling Psychology
Alex Smedley, Education Major
Suzanne Hendrix, Voice Instructor
Marcia Pasqualini, Ph.D., Psychology Department Chair
Francis Origanti, Ph.D., Social Work Department Chair
Ben Sudbeck, Nursing, Started student organization Colleges Against Cancer
Maria Hunt, Director of Mindfulness
Lonna Boen
, Assistant Professor of Nursing
Stanley E. Banks, Assistant Professor of English & Artist-in-Residence
Alyson Young '11, Physical Therapy (Kinesiology)
Social Work students travel to Jeff City for Lobby Day
Dotty Hamilton, Dean of Visual and Communication Arts
Corey Vitt '08, Music Composition Major