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Logan Sterling

March 2014

Logan Sterling likes “The View” from Avila

It’s hard to believe it’s already been more than a year since Avila University President Ron Slepitza, Ph.D., CSJA, appeared on the hit ABC show “The View” and presented the Sterling family of Blue Springs, MO $500,000 in college scholarships for their seven children, five of whom they recently adopted from Peru. In the meantime, the eldest of the Sterling children, daughter Logan, is putting some of the scholarship to use. She transferred to Avila back in the fall and is a sophomore in pre-nursing.

“It’s been great. I really like the teachers here.”

She specifically mentioned her professor in her statistics class, Malcolm Gold, Ph.D.

“I’ve never had a teacher who’s been so concerned with whether I’m understanding things,” Logan said.

She said she’s looking forward to starting nursing school next fall.

“I looked at all the other nursing programs in the area,” she said, “and this one has the coolest stuff I’ve seen, with the lab and all the equipment they use.”

In the nearly 13 months that have passed since the View broadcast, the Avila community has remained in close contact with all the Sterlings. With the one-year anniversary just past, we thought it a good time to check in on the progress of the rest of the Sterling children, as relayed by the family’s matriarch, Lauren.

  • While Logan is attending classes at Avila, she still lives with the family at home in Blue Springs. That’s good, Lauren said, “because that gives her more time to spend with the other kids.”
  • Yhonson is a senior at Blue Springs South and loves to play soccer. In fact, not only did he play in the fall for his high school team, he also plays club soccer with Futura.
  • Gerson, 16, suffered much of last year with a physical ailment which made his muscles tense and rigid and made it difficult for him to walk. A doctor finally diagnosed that his brain wasn’t receiving enough dopamine, prescribed medication, and he’s doing much better.
  • Betsi, 13, has become an excellent swimmer and also is a whiz at playing the piano.
  • Joel, 12, is in sixth grade, and Lauren said of the five adopted children, he makes friends with others the most easily and is the most social. He is also a huge soccer fan and loves to play.
  • Sibila, 10, is in fourth grade and eschews sports for art club. She has also been a good sibling to the Sterlings’ 4-year-old daughter Laney.

It’s been an exciting time in other ways for the Sterlings. Patriarch Scott has become the main pastor at the Gateway Church of Blue Springs, where he assisted before. And Lauren is pregnant with Child No. 8 and is due in May.

“Then, we’re done (having children),” Lauren said with a tired laugh. “When the kids are older, we might look into becoming foster parents. But this is the last one I’ll carry.”

Lauren added that neighbors in Blue Springs had followed their lead in adopting Peruvian orphans, and there are 10 children now living in the neighborhood from the same orphanage in which the Sterlings adopted their children. AU

Media Contact: Bob Luder, 816.501.2434