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Sports Science Minor

A minor in Sports Science can greatly enhance a student’s qualifications across the disciplines of physical therapy, education, radiologic technology, biology, psychology and sociology.

Gaining a working knowledge of the foundation of sports science will complement these majors well and prepare students for success in their chosen career fields.

Consider these program combinations for the Sports Science Minor:

  • Psychology majors interested in sports psychology;
  • Pre-Medical students interested in orthopedics;
  • Radiologic Technology students interested in a better working knowledge of the human body.
SS 101 Introduction to Sports Science (3)
SS 201 Concepts of Health and Fitness (3)
SS 380 Topics in Sports Science (3)
ELECTIVE COURSES - 9 HOURS (at least 3 hours must be 300+ level)
SS 211 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries (3)
SS 318 Kinesiology (3)
SS 319 Biomechanics (3)
SS 324 Sports Administration (3)
SS 381 Exercise Physiology (3)
SS 452 Fitness Testing and Exercise Prescription (3)
SS 460 Principles of Rehabilitation (3)
SS 461 Exercise and the Cardiovascular System (3)
SS 499 Research Seminar (3)
SS/PY 393 Sports Psychology (3)