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Sports Science Major

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This science-based curriculum provides students with a broad-based knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology, exercise physiology, biomechanics, and sports medicine.

Completion of the four-year bachelor of science degree prepares graduates for employment in a variety of professional settings, including college and university athletic programs, professional sports arenas, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation settings, the private fitness industry, corporate wellness venues, and hospital and medical centers.

Graduates of the Sports Science program will also be prepared to continue their education in areas such as medicine, physical therapy, physicians assistant, sports nutrition, athletic training, exercise physiology and biomechanics.

Level I Core Requirements
Composition I
Fundamentals of Communication
College Algebra
Understanding Computers
First Year Seminar
Level II Core Requirements
World Civis I/II or Am Exp I/II
Religious Studies
Philosophy or Religious Studies
Art, Music or Theater
Level III Core Requirements
2 Interdisciplinary Courses
Major Requirements
EN 112 Composition II (3)
BI 111 General Biology * (4)
BI 220 Human Anatomy and Physiology (8)
PH 231 General Physics (5)
CH 131 General Chemistry * (4)
PY 101 Introduction to Psychology * (3)
BU 305 Legal Aspects of Business * (3)
HE 111 Nutrition (3)
HE 124 Medical Terminology (2)
SS 101 Introduction to Sports Science (3)
SS 314 Concepts of Health and Fitness (3)
SS 318 Kinesiology (3)
SS 319 Biomechanics (3)
SS 380 Topics in Sports Science (3)
SS 381 Exercise Physiology (4)
SS/PY 393 Sports Psychology (3)
SS 482 Internship (3-6)
SS 499 Seminar in Sports Science (1)
SO 230 Social Statistics/MA 155 (3)
SS 211 Care/Prevention of Athletic Injuries (3)
SS 324 Sports Administration (3)
SS 452 Fitness Testing and Exercise Prescription (3)
SS 460 Principles of Rehabilitation (3)
SS 461 Exercise and the Cardiovascular System (3)
CH 137 General Chemistry II (4)
CH 216 Organic Chemistry I (4)
CH/BI 342 Biochemistry (3)
BI 250 Microbiology (4)
PH 232 General Physics II (5)