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Get your Bachelor's of Science in Software Engineering

Download BrochureSoftware engineering is the application of engineering principles to the creation of software systems. Engineers approach problem-solving in organized ways and follow well-defined, best practices in their work. Likewise, software engineers employ organized ways of thinking about the analysis of problems to be solved and the design of the resulting software solutions, and they follow recognized practices to implement and test new software systems and to put them into production. The Software Engineering major prepares students to enter and excel in this profession.

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Students will be trained in the two most popular languages in use today: Java and C#. Also, they should be able to effectively program in C++ with minor self-training because it is a predecessor of both Java and C# and similar to both. Additionally, students will get considerable experience with the Visual Studio .NET integrated development environment (IDE) in the C# courses, which is used extensively in Microsoft installations and with the Eclipse IDE in the Java courses.