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Alumni Stories  

---Jennie, BSW class of 2010

"All of the instructors in the social work program are well educated and brought real life situations into the classroom setting to help the students understand the different aspects of generalist social work out in the field."

---Dundeago, BSW class of 2010

"...look forward to the difference I will make as a male social worker who happens to also be African American, and retired from the U.S. Army...The thought of truly making a positive impact on future generations is a dream come true." 


---Cathy, BSW class of 2010

"The three significant achievements that I can identify related to my academic experience are the completion of my degree, the knowledge I've retained and the employment offers even prior to graduating! ... the individuals that work at Avila believed in me when no one else did.  They fought for me when I wanted to quit."

Natasha, BSW class of 2007, President of Phi Alpha

"I am most satisfied with Avila's Social Work program because of the intimate classroom settings, and because of the commitment that faculty and staff have to their students learning experience....I have learned to become an effective educator, resource manager, and facilitator of services.  I have completed over six hundred and twenty five hours in field placement, with direct client contact, as an undergraduate - more than the average BSW student.  "

— Rachel, BSW class of 2007, Avila Student Ambassador

"I am very satisfied with my choice of Avila Social Work Program because I feel that I am well prepared to enter the profession. I was able to get hands on experience my sophomore year."

— Gayan, BSW class of 2007, Avila Student Ambassador

"The three significant achievements that I can identify with at Avila would be being on the dean's list, a leadership award recipient and a peace studies award recipient. The only disappointment that I have with my Avila career is that I never started out at Avila freshman year."