Criteria for Retention

  1. “C” or better in all Social Science related and Social Work courses
  2. Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
  3. Continued adherence to social work values and ethical standards with an increasing understanding of and respect for the positive values of diversity and individual worth and dignity.  This also includes non-desertion of clients (NASW Code, Standard l.15, Interruption of Services:  Students must notify Agency in a timely fashion when they will not be in practicum); avoidance of dual relationships (Standard 1.06c: not taking a client as a peer/friend to a social event); practicing within one’s area of competency (Standard 4.01: notifying Field Coordinator if Agency assigns student to areas not competent in); and avoidance of derogatory language (Standard 1.12.)
  4. Maintenance of social functioning that allows for effective beginning generalist level professional practice.  This may include (but is not limited to) handling conflict in an appropriate manner and effectively managing one’s emotions and interactions with colleagues, co-workers, clients, teachers and classmates.
  5. Maintenance of effective verbal and written communication skills
  6. Maintenance of effective professional work behaviors such as professional dress, punctuality, time management, accountability, timely record-keeping, and dealing appropriately with Field Instructor and Field Coordinator feedback.


Students are informed of the criteria for evaluating their academic and professional performance through a variety of measures.  Individual courses specify the criteria utilized for evaluating assignments and final course grades in their syllabus.  Every student is also required to read both the BSW Program Student Handbook and the Field Manual, which outline the criteria for evaluating performance both in courses and in field. 

Review and Monitoring Procedures

Social Work Faculty, including Adjunct Faculty and Faculty Advisors, will monitor the behavior of all admitted Social Work majors.  Field Instructors/Proctors and the Field Faculty will monitor Field Education performance. Any concern about a student’s ability to meet, and/or one or more violation(s) of any of the 6 (six) Criteria for Retention in the major should be immediately reported to the Chair of the Social Work Program.  A written memo should be submitted, specifying the area(s) of concern, and documenting adequate evidence for concern.  After the Chair’s receipt of the concern(s), the student will be invited, in writing,  to participate in a voluntary meeting that would provide an opportunity for the student to present any information  that affects his/her situation.  The meeting can include any or all of the following:  the student, the academic advisor, the Chair of the Social Work Program, any other full-time or adjunct Social Work faculty member, and an advocate, if desired by the student.  

After investigation of the concern(s), one of the following decisions will be made by the Chair of the Social Work Program, in consultation with the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences as deemed necessary.

Any student desiring to appeal a decision related to admission and/or retention from the Social Work major should follow the Admission/Retention Appeal Policy/Procedure.