Outstanding Social Work Student Award



Previous Award Recipients

2013 Recipient

Samantha Smith, senior social work student, was named as the Outstanding Social Work Student for 2013. Samantha served as an officer in the Student Social Work Association, was one of the founder's of the Avila University's LINK organization, and represented BSW students serving on the NASW - MO Board.  socialwork-board


2012 Recipient

Joanna Inwards, 3rd year social work student, was voted by her peers to receive the department's Outstanding Social Work Student Award for 2012.  Joanna was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri.  Originally an elementary education major, she states that she "switched to social work in April 2011 after she realized that it was her true calling."  According to Joanna, it was one of the best decisions she ever made.  Since then, she has become the Secretary for the Student Social Work Association (SSWA) and became its President in the fall of 2012.  Joanna enjoys writing fiction and teaching Sunday School to a crowd of "rowdy kindergarteners/first graders."  Her goal is to teach English in Japan for one year after she graduates from Avila's BSW Program before going on to complete her master's degree in social work.  After that, Joanna is not sure what she will do, but she is excited about the possibilities.  



2011 Recipient

Liz Rowden (BSW graduate in May 2011) was the first student in                                                                               Avila's Social Work department to be chosen as the recipient of the

Outstanding Social Work Student Award. The faculty in the

department established this award to acknowledge and honor the

truly exceptional student scholar whose leadership and academic

performance are consistently exemplary throughout their academic


Liz participated in Avila Student Scholar Day.  She graduated with a                                                                                      in double major inSocial Work and Criminology. 





Last Updated: January 16, 2015