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Social Work was recently listed as one of the top five "hot hiring potential" careers by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (2012).  The job growth for social work is projected to be at least 16% in the next decade according to the Department of Labor Statistics. And a BSW is the only undergraduate human service degree that allows for licensing upon graduation.

As a Social Work professional you will discover endless career opportunities. You can have a rewarding and satisfying job helping others improve their lives, their families and their communities! 

Enroll in Avila's CSWE accredited BSW program and become "the change you want to see in the world." (Mahatma Gandhi) Avila's program has a reputation for excellence in social work education in the Kansas City region and beyond. 

Why choose an Avila BSW?

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Sheria Howard




                 CLASS OF 2015 








My background is bittersweet. I am the oldest of four children and was born in my 17 year old mother’s bedroom. I was jointly raised by my young mother and my maternal grandparents. My mother struggled with substance abuse and was unable to consistently raise my three brothers and me. By the age of 14, both of my grandparents had unexpectedly passed away from heart attacks and my mother was still absent. My first experience with social services was in middle school when my mother was hotlined by my aunt who was also our next door neighbor. She had reported that I was acting as our mother and had been living alone for a month without heat. The social worker presented as cold and scary. She showed no empathy for me and appeared to not care what happened to my family. We were all sent to live with different relatives until our mother could be located and receive treatment. Which sadly, lasted another three years. From that day, I promised myself that if I ever had children would never abandon them or let them be separated.

To this day, my mother still calls me “Mother Hen”, a nickname that has stuck with me since I looked after myself and my brothers. Ironically, I feel I have always had a “Mother Hen” mentality and use it as silent reminder in my working roles.

When I obtained my human services degree, my advisor suggested I get a BSW to further my education and better my chances for lucrative employment. One of my human services teachers was an Avila alumni and he invited Avila to do a recruitment presentation for us. I was impressed by the presentation and educational opportunities. I decided to go for it and enroll full time while working full time and maintaining a family. I start most days at Avila and end my days at work, except for one night class. I take great pride in my academic and family success. My husband and family are my support system and encourage me to do well. While it is stressful to juggle school, internship, work and home, I wouldn’t change it. My three children see my dedication to them and the people that I work with. I hope to instill in them the same compassion for people and believe that they can achieve anything if they work for it.  After graduating in May, my plan is to go to graduate school and complete my MSW.  Whatever free time I do get, I love to go out shopping, to movies and our son’s basketball games. It is important to me to have the family unity I missed out on as a child and as parent and social worker, I will make sure all their needs and some wants are met. This is my goal and dream.