Avila University

Recently universities around the country have started to have problems with bed bugs. This page will give you some details about this little pests, as well as important advice to keep them out of Avila's buildings, especially during the high-travel holiday season coming up. Please note, at this time there have been no confirmed cases of bed bugs at Avila. However, other schools in the area have had issues, so it is good for us to be proactive.

What is a bed bug?
Bed bugs are very tiny, flat, reddish-brown colored oval bugs that are visible to the human eye. They are like mosquitos in that they feed on human blood, but they do not spread disease and they do not fly. They hide under mattresses, under carpet, in furniture and clothes and other places during the day, and then come out to snack on blood at night when the lights are off.

Precautions to prevent bed bugs

  1. Learn to identify bed bugs. There are a lot of different bugs that sneak into the halls. Identifying if a bug is a bed bug or another type of bug can be very important.

  2. Inspect your bed and belongings periodically. Look for blood spots on your sheets and for bugs under your mattress and behind your headboard.

  3. Keep your room clean and reduce clutter. Try not to have piles of clothes or other belongings laying around. These are invitations to bed bugs to have a nice daytime home. A clean room is much less attractive to bed bugs.

  4. Do not buy or bring second-hand or used furniture on campus. Furniture bought at thrift stores may seem like a great deal, but often times is infested with things including bed bugs. This is even more important for furniture bought from individuals off-campus or stuff you find on the side of the road. A couch on the side of the road is very likely to have pests, including bed bugs. Leave that stuff out of Avila! This is how you convince your parents to buy you brand new furniture. You can thank me later.

  5. When traveling, even to your off-campus home for the holidays, take precautions to not bring bed bugs back to campus with you. Check beds and furniture for bugs when you first arrive. Do not put your suitcase on your bed. Elevate it or put it on a luggage rack or on top of wood/metal furniture. Close and zip your luggage when you aren't using it. That way bugs won't hitch a ride in your luggage from your hotel back to Avila.

  6. When you return from vacation, inspect your luggage and belongings for signs of bugs.

If you think you have bed bugs,

If you identify bed bugs in your room, immediately contact somebody in Campus Life at 501.3660 or one of the RA's. The important thing to do is to contact somebody immediately. Left alone, bed bugs will spread to other rooms. Because of this, it is important that you do not take your belongings to other people's rooms or go stay in another student's room if you think you might have bed bugs. You'll only be giving them bed bugs, too, which they probably won't be very happy about.