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Along with the Core Courses in the major, students that wish to concentrate in Religious Studies must complete 15 hours of coursework. Nine of those hours of the concentration must be at the 300 or 400 level or other approved courses.

Far from being the mere study of ancient dogmas, isolated rituals, and outdated practices, the study of religion encompasses relations between people of different political, cultural and moral standpoints. Given our global need to understand the intricacies, distinctions and commonalities between the world's religions - to increase the possibilities for peace & justice - the concentration in Religious Studies will prepare you for a greater understanding and appreciation for the role that religion plays in today's political conflicts, social relationships and spiritual quests.

For a comprehensive look at the impact the study of religion can have upon you, see the following:
"The Religious Studies Major and Liberal Education"
by The American Academy of Religion

In order to satisfy the needs and requests from many students, we are introducing a new sequence of courses on the Abrahamic traditions - Judaism, Christianity & Islam. For example, to be able to understand not only the history and distinctiveness of Christianity, but also how contemporary Christianities themselves shape the political and moral worldviews of its adherents. In another sense, we seek to have students confront fundamental issues within the study of religion: how does the Qur'an relate to the Hebrew and Christian scriptures, not only in terms of its history but in terms of its claims to truth?

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