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Dr. Coburn has served as a consultant on a variety of book and film projects concerning Catholic sisters in the United States and Ireland. She was noted for her work on Sisters of Selma: Bearing Witness for Change, a 2007, PBS film highlighting the Civil Rights activism of Catholic sisters who marched in Selma, Alabama in 1965.

Religions for Peace - Organization comprised of over 60 religious groups in the U.S. who work for peace

Epistemelinks - a central location for a variety of philosophical resources

Krista Tippett on Being - a weekly national public radio series and website

Cushwa Center for the Study of American Catholicism at the University of Notre Dame

American Philosophical Association - largest professional philosophical organization in the U.S.

The Pluralism Project at Harvard University - an ongoing research project/website on religious diversity in the U.S.

American Academy of Religion - an international professional organization and website

Association of Religion Data Archives - a database of ongoing data gathering on topics of religion in the U.S.

Belief Net - a site for articles and essays on inspiration, spirituality and faith from a variety of authors

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