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Remote Access IconAccessing the Avila Remote (Apps) Server

This Avila Technology Topic fact sheet demonstrates how to find and login to Avila Remote Access. Use remote access for enterprise applications required by your course rather than purchase or download your own copy.

NOTE: This service is currently in pilot with specific courses. Feel free to try it. iOS computers are not currently supported. Not all browsers are supported. Use IE with ActiveX enabled for the best experience. Contact IT for more information.

Avila University has a private cloud that faculty and students can use for enterprise applications like Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, SPSS, and other programs that may be required as part of the curriculum for the course. Avila University uses a remote access server which allows you to use specific applications without purchasing or downloading the software to your personal computer. Here are the steps to access the remote access server:









  • Open an Internet browser and enter https://apps.avila.edu.
  • Log in with the same user name and password
    you use for your Avila email.

  • Click the application you wish to use. A RemoteApp dialog box may display. Click Connect.

  • Once connected a Windows Security dialog box will display. Note if the Domain is identified.

  • If the domain is identified, enter the same
    user name and password you use for email. If the domain is not identified, add AVILA\ to the
    beginning of your username.

  • Open an existing file or save a new file to
    your personal computer.

Here is a quick demo of this process: