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Non-Traditional Credit Options Policy

Avila University recognizes that learning can take place in settings other than classrooms.
Academic credit is granted for this type of knowledge provided that it meets Avila’s criteria.
The maximum number of hours accepted for all types of non-traditional credit, such as
CLEP, credit for prior learning, correspondence, departmental challenge tests, etc., will not
exceed 25% of the minimum hours specified for each degree program. This limit will not
apply to programs which grant credit for structured learning from accredited programs in
health care with demonstration of competency by registration/certification from a national
accrediting agency.

Credits earned through transfer, prior learning portfolio, correspondence, military service or
University Level Examination Program (CLEP) do not count as part of the final 30 hours of
consecutive resident credits required for a degree at Avila University. Persons wishing to
earn non-traditional credit must be currently enrolled at Avila University.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
Specific CLEP examinations are accepted by Avila University. A student should check with
the Registrar before taking an examination to determine its acceptability. When students
receive credit through Avila University, $20 per credit hour is charged for recording the credit.
CLEP tests are not administered by Avila University. They must be taken at another site
and the results sent to the University.

A student who has CLEP credit on another institution’s transcript and wants that credit transferred
must request that an official copy of the test score(s) be sent to the Avila University
Registrar. Credit will be granted for those courses with scores meeting the Avila criteria for
CLEP examinations. The student will not be charged any additional fees if CLEP is on a
transcript from another accredited institution.

Departmental Examinations
Departmental Examinations for credit are administered at the discretion of each department
and may be challenged as often as permitted by departmental policy. The university presumes
that persons seeking such credit are sufficiently knowledgeable in the area to be tested
to preclude any pretest tutorial service. Students interested in registering for departmental
examinations should contact the specific department for further information. Forms and
procedures are available in the Registration and Student Records Office. The fee for departmental
examination is 30% of the current part-time tuition per credit hour. At the time of
application, a nonrefundable payment of one-half of the tuition to be charged for the credit
to be earned by examination is due. Persons desiring credit by examination must be currently
enrolled at Avila University.

Advanced Placement Credit

This credit is awarded to students who have earned satisfactory scores on Advanced
Placement Examination of the College Entrance Examination Board during high school. To
receive credit, official scores must be sent to the Registrar. Additional information can be
obtained from the Registrar.

International Baccalaureate Program
This program is a comprehensive and rigorous two-year curriculum, leading to examinations,
for students aged between sixteen and nineteen. Students successfully completing all
or parts of the program will receive the Diploma and/or Certificate from the International
Baccalaureate Program. Students who earn the Diploma and/or Certificate must have an
official transcript forwarded to the Registrar at Avila University. For information on credit
granted through Avila University, students need to contact the Registrar.

Correspondence Credit

Nine semester hours of correspondence credit from accredited, degree-granting institutions
will be accepted toward a degree.

Credit for Military Service
Military personnel and veterans will be granted credit for military service and college-level
work completed in service schools according to the Avila Credit for Prior Learning policy.
Six hours of Health and P.E. will be allowed at no cost to a student upon presentation of DD
214/295 showing the minimum of one (1) year of military service and honorable discharge.
If a student wishes to apply for credit in addition to the six hours of Health and P.E., proper
forms must be obtained from the Registration and Student Records Office.

Credit for Prior Learning
Avila provides academic credit for prior learning which parallels department curricula based
upon documentation presented in a structured portfolio. Students interested in applying for
prior learning credit should consult their advisors for detailed information. Procedures and
forms can be obtained in the Academic Affairs Office. Upon approval, a grade of CR (Credit)
and credit hours are assigned. The fee for prior learning credit is 30% of current part-time
tuition per credit hour.

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