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Information for Current Students
Currently enrolled Avila students are provided with an Avila email address.   Official correspondence from the Registration and Student Records Office (RSRO) is sent only to the student's Avila email address to help prevent identity theft.  Students are responsible for routinely checking their Avila email account.   Timely information regarding course schedules, drop/adds, enrollment, grades, graduation and student issues are sent directly to students via the Avila email address.    For help with your Avila email account, contact the Information Technology Services Help Desk at 501-2900.

The following are links with useful information, deadlines and policies that you may need to know.

»   Academic Advising Dates for Traditional Undergraduates are listed in the Academic Calendar.   Advantage and Graduate Students should check with their respective program office.
»   Academic Advisors List
»   Academic Calendar lists important dates most students need to be aware of.
»   MyAU- View your personal contact info, grades, course schedule, financial account
       and more.
»    Change of Contact Info - Submit changes by completing a form

»    GR Change of Major, Concentration or Advisor
»   UG Change of Degree, Major, Minor, Concentration, Catalog Year, Program or Advisor form
»   Complete Withdrawal Reason form
»   Cancellation and Withdrawal of Enrolled Courses
»   Contact list for Academic Programs and Support Units
»    Course Schedules - Search for courses using various criteria via MyAU
»    Dropping a class - In most cases, you may drop a class via MyAU until the class begins. 

       After that, you must submit a Change of Schedule form to officially drop any class

you are enrolled in.  Check your MyAU account a few days later to ensure the course has been dropped.  Failure to do so may result in a failing grade and/or tuition billing.  See Cancellation and Withdrawal policies for deadlines and refund information.

»    Enrollment Verification - Most current students with a SSN can print enrollment verification certifications, view enrollment history and enrollment verifications provided, check loan deferments sent to lenders, and real-time information regarding your student loans by logging onto MyAU.  Students without a SSN should contact the Registration & student Records Office.

»   Exception to Academic Requirement Request form
»   Final Exams Schedule for Traditional term
»   Grades (midterm & final) are available online via MyAU

Only final grades appear on your transcript.  Note: Paper grade reports are only available for tuition reimbursement programs and insurance discounts. To receive a paper grade report, email studentrecords@avila.edu from your Avila email address with specific details - company name, reason for request, your full name and student id number. Grade reports are mailed within two weeks after grades are submitted by the instructor.

»   Graduation Application Deadlines for Undergraduates

»   Graduation Application Deadlines for Graduate MBA - See advisor

»   Graduation Application Deadlines for Graduate Education & Graduate Psychology - See advisor
»   Graduation Date Change Request form - See advisor
»   Graduation Ceremony Information
»   Non-Traditional Credit Policy

• Credit by Advanced Placement (AP) exam specific scores and procedures - contact Registrar
• Credit by College Level Examination Program (CLEP) test specific scores and procedures
• Credit by Departmental Exam - contact the academic department/s for exams offered
• Credit for International Baccalaureate Program (IBP) courses - contact Registrar
• Credit for Prior Learning - contact Academic Affairs Office or visit the Academic Catalog
»   Off-Campus Course Permission Request form
»   Release of Academic Information Request form
»   Release of Student Directory Information, Student's Right to Review Their Education
Record and FERPA

»   Registration Information
»   Student Consumer Information

»   Transcripts - Most current students may order Official transcripts online with a credit card via a link in your MyAU account. Unofficial transcripts are free and may be printed directly from your MyAU account or obtained by stopping by the Registration & Student Records Office with an id card.  Additional information regarding other options for both official and unofficial transcripts is available via this link. .
»    Waitlist - If you are waitlisted for a class, you will be added when a space opens. 

An email will be sent to your Avila email account.  Verify the class addition in your MyAU account.  If you do not want to remain on the waitlist, you must submit a Change of Schedule form to be dropped from the waitlisted course at the Registration Office or you may be subject to a failing grade and tuition bill.
»   Weekend Intensive courses - Required assignments that must be completed BEFORE
the first class meets may be found in the Library or at https://angel.avila.edu/.

Other useful information:
»    Athletic Eligibility information from NAIA web site
»   Graduate Programs
»    International Students must provide a copy of their visa to the Registrar if not F-1.  If F-1 Visa, click here for Additional Information.  F-1 Visa students attending Avila University or participating in Optional Practical Training (OPT) must inform Avila University of any changes in name, phone, email, postal address or OPT employer within 10 days of the change.  Failure to do so may result in termination of F-1 student status or OPT authorization.  Click here for update form.
»   Tuition and Fees
»   VA Education Benefits at Avila, Missouri VA web site and VA main Educational Benefits web site

Note:  Various forms and information pages on this web site are in Adobe PDF format.

(Located in Blasco Hall)