Avila University

Courses & Curriculum

We offer a 128-credit Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, with a choice of two areas of concentration:

  • Mental Health: This track is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a career working with people in the field of mental health.
  • Research: The track designed for students interested in pursuing doctoral-level work in the field, or any research-intensive employment.

Level I Core Requirements

 Composition I or II
    Fundamentals of Communication
    Finite Math, College Algebra, or Calculus
    Computer Competency

Level II Core Requirements
    World Civilization or American History
    Literature (culturally diverse)
    Religious Studies
    Philosophy or Religious Studies (may substitute this requirement with a Level III IS course)
    Art, Music or Theatre Appreciation
    Natural Science
    Social Institutions (choose from four courses)
    Self and Society (choose from six courses)

Level III Core Requirements

 Two Interdisciplinary Studies (IS) Courses

Psychology Major Requirements
PY 101 General Psychology (can also count for "Self and Society" requirement)

PY 102 Orientation Seminar in Psychology
   PY 208 Life Span & Development or PY 326 Child & Adolescent Psychology
   PY 216 Social Psychology

PY 224 Psychology of Communication

PY 230 Social Statistics

PY 260 Research Methods

PY 350 Behavior & the Brain
   PY 370 Cognitive Psychology

PY 485 Practicum

Mental Health Concentration
  PY 201 Personality Psychology

  PY 310 Abnormal Psychology

  PY 332 Health Psychology

  PY 320 Psychotherapy Approaches or PY 375 Motivation and Emotion or PY 383 Human Behavior and Addiction                 or PY 459 Art as Therapy

Research Concentration
   PY 297/497 Research Experience

   PY 333 Topics in Applied Research Methods
   PY 498 Senior Thesis

See the course catalog for more details.

Students desiring a minor in Psychology are required to complete PY 101 General Psychology plus 15 elective hours (including at least 6 hours 300+ level).