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Current Avila University President
Ronald A. Slepitza, Ph.D.

“For the past ninety years, Avila has prepared students, most often women, to take their place in their communities, to assume responsibility, to solve problems, and to act boldly to make a difference in that world.”

— Ronald A. Slepitza

Slepitza was formerly Vice President for Student Development and Special Counsel to the President for Strategic Planning and served at Xavier University for 13 years. Prior to Xavier, he was Associate Vice President (1984-93) for Student Services at Creighton University. He also served at the University of Maryland’s Department of Resident Life as the Director of Student and Staff Programs (1980-84) and Coordinator of Community and Program Development (1978-1980).

While at Xavier, Slepitza served on the Strategic Planning Steering Committee, Administrative Program Review, NCAA Certification Committee, North Central Accreditation, Budget Committee, University Crisis Management Team, University Technology Committee, and the Ignatian Programs Committee.

Within the Cincinnati community, Slepitza served as President of Hamilton County Special Olympics, Chair of the Board of the Eastern Catholic Alliance of Schools for Excellence, and worked extensively with the United Way in a variety of positions.

Slepitza and his wife, Suzanne, have two children. Molly recently graduated from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles where Andrew is entering his senior year.

Slepitza received his Bachelor’s degree from St. Vincent’s College and his Master of Arts and Doctorate degrees from the University of Maryland.

Avila’s Past Presidents
“ We are called today to act boldly as our predecessors have acted, to serve those students
we have served so well ... ”

St. Teresa (Junior) College
Sister Mary Irene O’Hara, CSJ 1916-1921
Sister Mary Pius Neenan, CSJ 1921-1927
Sister Marietta Jennings, CSJ 1927-1933
Sister Marcella Casey, CSJ 1933-1939

College of St. Teresa
Sister Simplicia Dailey, CSJ 1939-1945
Sister Marietta Jennings, CSJ 1945-1951
Sister Mary Berenice O’Neill, CSJ 1951-1957
Sister Mary Alfred Noble, CSJ 1957-1960
Sister Mary Daniel Tammany, CSJ 1960-1961

Avila College
Sister Olive Louise Dallavis 1961-1985
Larry Kramer, Ed.D. 1985-2000
Thomas. F. Gordon, J.D. LL.M. 2000-2001

Avila University
Thomas F. Gordon, J.D. LL.M. 2001-2006
Ronald A. Slepitza, Ph.D. 2006-present

11901 Wornall Road    :    Lower Blasco, Building 1    :    816.501.2434    :    omc@Avila.edu