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The use of any Avila logo must be reviewed by the Office of Marketing and Communication. Please see the OMC for approval on any item to be used for external distribution that contains the Avila University logo or seal.

Please follow the guidelines on how to use the logo and if you have any questions, contact us.

The following versions of the official Avila University logo are acceptable.

When using the Avila University logo you may change the size, but do NOT change the proportions.

Our colors are purple (PMS 2627) and metallic gold (PMS 871). Logos may also appear in all black or all white. No other colors are acceptable.

If you need a high resolution version of the logo, please contact OMC.

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Avila University

Avila University

Avila UniversityWhen you click on the image above to download and save,
it is there in the new window, but it will be white.

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