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To view the 4-Year Pre-Licensure Nursing Curriculum

       Effective for the Fall 2013 Cohort click here


Sample 4-Year Pre-Licensure Nursing Curriculum

              Effective for the Fall 2014 Cohort

                                      (Schedule is subject to change)

*Prerequisites for nursing courses
**Prerequisites for nursing courses and meets university core


Freshman Year  

First Semester (13-14 hours)


Second Semester (16 hours)


General Biology w/lab**

General Psychology**

English Composition I**

College Algebra** OR

Mathematical Perspectives**

First Year Seminar (optional for transfer students)


General Chemistry I w/lab**  OR

Molecules that Matter**

Sociology, Anthropology or Social Problems-Social Change**

Fundamentals of Communication**

Art, Theater, or Music (CORE) 

World Civilization or American Experience (CORE)

Sophomore Year  

First Semester (15 hours)


Second Semester (16 hours)




Religious Studies (CORE) 

Anatomy and Physiology w/lab*


Life Span Development*

Quantitative Methods or Social Statistics*

Literature (CORE) 


General Microbiology w/lab*

Junior Year  

First Semester (16 hours)


Second Semester (18 hours)


Health Assessment

Patient Care Skills

Development of Professional Nurse I

Health and Illness Concepts I


Health Informatics


Health and Illness Concepts II

Women & Children Health Concepts

Psychosocial Nursing Concepts

Practicum I


Senior Year  

First Semester (18 hours)


Second Semester (16 hours)


Health and Illness Concepts III

Development of Professional Nurse II

Gerontologic Nursing

Practicum II

Foundations of Evidence Based Nursing

Interdisciplinary Studies/Philosophy/Religious Studies (CORE)



Population Based Health Concepts

High Acuity Nursing Concepts

Analysis and Evaluation of Healthcare Systems

Practicum III

Capstone Practicum

Interdisciplinary Studies (CORE)