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MBA Degree in Management Information Systems

Earn your degree in Management Information Systems as it prepares you for leadership in managing the use of information systems technology. In addition to business fundamentals, a wide range of management issues related to information technology are studied. Included topics are personal computers, networking technology, mainframe and distributed systems, and the Internet.

Course Requirements

Note: Some of the undergraduate pre-requisites and core courses can be waived if prior coursework has been successfully completed.  A minimum of 30 graduate hours is required.

Undergraduate Prerequisites  

College Algebra  

2 Semesters of Computer Language  



AC 501 Financial Accounting

EC 501 Economic Concepts

EC 540 Statistical Analysis

EC 541 Quantitative Analysis

BL 505 Business Legislation

MG 622 Organizational Behavior and Development

BU 601 Business, Government & Society

MG 629 Current Issues in Management 

MK 610 Marketing Management

MK 615 Marketing Strategy 

FI 630 Financial Management I

FI 635 Financial Management II



EC 612 Managerial Economics OR
  EC 611 Aggregate Income Analysis

AC 650 Managerial Accounting

IM 661 Mgmt. Information Systems

IM 662 MIS Project Development & Mgmt.

IM 665 Managing I/T Communications

BU 699 Organizational Policy & Strategy