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Graduate Business Certificates


Avila University offers Graduate Business Certificates for professionals seeking to increase their knowledge in a specific business area.

The Avila Graduate Certificate program is an ideal way to advance your career opportunities or add specific certification to your MBA. Certification is available in seven graduate areas: 
  • No GMAT Required for CertificatesHealth Care Administration
  • Accounting (requires undergrad accounting)
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Marketing

All classes are part of Avila's MBA program, one of the oldest and most prestigious MBA programs in the Kansas City area.  

Anyone who has received a Bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited institution is eligible to enroll in the Graduate Business Certificate Program at Avila University. Some course work may be waived if equivalent work has been satisfactorily completed at either the undergraduate or graduate level. 

Each program can be completed by taking three to seven 3-hour classes depending on the program and your previous business course work. Avila's 11-week classes meet one night per week. Classes may be taken in any sequence as long as course prerequisites are satisfied. Your instructors will be full-time professors and working professionals with advanced degrees in their business disciplines. They will draw on their academic and real-world experience to give you the best foundation for your career development and future success.


Admission Requirements

Admissions to the Graduate Business Certificate Program will be granted:

  • To those with undergraduate degrees from an accredited institution in any discipline and having a cumulative grade-point average (GPA) of 3.0 or greater for their last 60 hours of academic work.

  • To those that have graduated from an accredited institution but do not meet the minimum GPA criteria may be admitted provisionally to the program. In order to gain full admission, they must receive a grade of 'B' or better on all courses marked with a ** in their respective certificate program.

Certificate Requirements

In order to be eligible to receive a Graduate Business Certificate from Avila University, you must have accomplished the following:

  1. Completed all the requirements of one of the seven graduate business certificate programs (minimum of 9 hours).
  2. Maintained an overall GPA of 3.0 with no individual class grades lower than a 'C'.

Graduate Business Certificate course work may be transferred to Avila's MBA degree program with the satisfactory completion of MBA admission requirements including the GMAT.


Equivalent to all graduate level MBA classes at $535 per credit hour. Students whose employer provides tuition reimbursement may defer payment until the end of the term. Several other payment plans are available.

Graduate Business Certificate Enrollment

We have designed our Graduate Business Certificate Program enrollment as a one-step process. You can be advised and registered for your first course in a single meeting. For more information please contact:

Brandon Black
MBA Admissions Advisor


The accounting certificate requires 24 hours of undergraduate accounting including: Accounting I & II, Intermediate Accounting I & II, Tax Accounting, Cost Accounting, Auditing and Advanced Accounting. A grade of 'C' or better is required. Graduate Business Certificate course work, in conjunction with accounting prerequisites, help satisfy education requirements to sit for the CPA exam in both Kansas and Missouri.

IM 661 Management Information Systems **
AC 652 Advanced Tax Accounting
AC 655 Advanced Cost Accounting
AC 670 Advanced Auditing
AC 675 Advanced Accounting Theory


AC 501 Financial Accounting **
EC 501 Economic Concepts **
EC 540 Statistical Analysis **
FI 630 Financial Management I **
FI 635 Financial Management II
FI 638 Financial Markets and Instruments
FI 637 International Finance (will be included only if FI 630 is waived)

Health Care Administration

AC 501 Financial Accounting **
EC 501 Economic Concepts **
HA 671 Health Care Systems
HA 673 Special Problems in Health Care Management
HA 674 Current Issues in Health Care Administration


BL 505 Business Legislation **
MG 521 Management Processes **
BU 601 Business, Government and Society
MG 622 Organizational Behavior and Development **
MG 629 Current Issues in Management
BU 680 Personnel Management (or management elective will be included if MG 622 is waived)


EC 501 Economic Concepts **
MK 610 Marketing Management **
MK 613 Promotion Management OR
MK 611 International Marketing
MK 615 Marketing Strategy
MK 617 Marketing Analysis

College Algebra with a minimum grade of 'C' is required for all certificate programs. 

Courses marked with ** may be waived from the certificate program if comparable course work has been successfully completed with a grade of 'B' or better at the graduate or undergraduate level. All other courses listed will be required for certificate completion.