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Do you need help with testing?
Avila offers math and English placement tests to students. If it has been awhile since you have taken the ACT and would like to place higher in a course than your ACT would allow, Avila offers math and English placement tests.
You MUST bring a current photo I.D. when you take the test.

The English placement exam determines whether you will take Introduction to Writing, Composition I, or Composition II. Each student is allowed to take the exam twice, but only the highest score will determine placement.

The math placement exam determines whether a student will enroll in Foundations I/II, College Algebra, Finite Math, or Calculus. Each student is allowed to take the exam twice, but only the highest score will determine placement. Calculators will be provided for testing.

If you are a prospective education major or minor at Avila, you will need to take the College Basic Academic Subjects Examination (C-BASE). Here's what to do:

  • We suggest that you go to the School of Education prior to visiting Learning Services for registration information.
  • Next, schedule an appointment to meet with the Director or Assistant Director of Learning Services to create a personalized preparation plan.

For additional information about the CBASE exam, contact:
The Assessment Resource Center University of Missouri-Columbia
2800 Maguire Blvd., Columbia, Missouri 65201
Telephone: 1-800-366-8232

Some students need information on relaxation or test-taking skills, while others need to work with a tutor to refresh their math skills, writing skills, or science knowledge. If you prefer to prepare on your own, we have computer software and study guides for english, math, and social studies.

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