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Quick Reference Guides

If you need a quick reference on a variety of study skills topics, check out these handouts:

* Content areas (such as accounting, art, and math)
* Learning styles
* Listening
* Improving your memory
* Note taking
* Reading
* Surviving college
* Tests
* Time management
* Vocabulary
* Helpful websites
* Writing

"Great Idea" brochures are available in Learning Services and the library tutoring center.
These brochures include:

* How and When to Use a Tutor
* How to Be an Active Reader
* How to Deal with Math Test Anxiety
* How to Read Science Texts
* How to Manage Time and Set Priorities
* How to Prepare for the C-Base Test
* How to Succeed in Math Classes
* The Index Card Study System
* How to Use MLA and APA Styles

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