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If you want to work on basic skills, or study advanced courses in science and math, we have computers and software to help you. This includes assistive technology learning. You can use software to learn background information for upcoming classes, prepare for standardized tests like the CBASE, GRE, and MCAT, explore new content areas, and keep your skills sharp.

We encourage you to stop by Learning Services to see what we have available.
A partial list of the software topics included is:

  • English: writing, grammar, vocabulary, prewriting, and composition
  • Math: everything from addition and subtraction to calculus and trigonometry
  • Science: biology, chemistry, and physics
  • Study Skills: note taking, reading, testing, typing, and time management

Computer software allows you to work at your own pace and access many activities and tutorials. You may decide that the combination of working with a tutor and using software gives you the additional practice you need to succeed.

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