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Political Science

The study of political science is the study of government and its impact on the human community. The range of analysis includes international, national, state, and local levels of organization as well as the interaction between them. This program prepares the student for entrance into various areas of the political system, the private sector, law and the international community.

Political Science Minor

Course Requirements & Outcomes

The Political Science minor provides an excellent background for students interested in pursuing professional careers within the legal system.  Many students choose this to study for a number of reasons that range from law school, to being a law enforcement agent, or even to a political career. This is what makes this a unique and versatile minor because it helps with so many different future career choices you may choose. If you are interested in law or anything dealing with government this could be the minor for you. Having such a spectrum that uses these tools will also help if you change what you want to do because you learn tools that help with almost anything.


The political science minor at Avila prepares the student with the core skills, values and basic areas of knowledge to succeed in law school, graduate school and a wide variety of careers. 


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