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Political Science Minor Course Requirements

MINOR Requirements: 18 credit hours
PS 120 American National Government
PS 231 American Justice System
PS 232 Intro. to Legal Research & Writing
PS 334
PS 344
Constitutional Law or
Criminal Law
Plus 6 credit hours of add'l Upper Division Political Science credits (above 300)
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Learning Outcomes and Assessment of Student Learning

In addition to the course requirements, political science minors will be expected to meet the following program outcomes:

Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation for political behavior and political institutions in the United States and throughout the world (assessed in all PS courses),

Utilize effective ethical and decision-making skills in personal and professional situations  (assessed in all PS courses),

Demonstrate a deep understanding of the Law, the courts and the judicial system and apply that understanding to various situations. (assessed in PS 231, 232, 334, and 344), and

Recognize and appreciate diversity in individuals, cultures and social systems, from local to national to global environments, with the resultant awareness of the social construction of reality (assessed in all PS courses).

Assessment: The outcomes of the Political Science minor are assessed through a wide variety of quizzes, written assignments and oral presentations in the required courses.