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Criminology & Justice Studies
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Criminology & Justice Studies Course Requirements

MAJOR Requirements: 39 credit hours
SO 101 Introduction to Sociology
SO 230 Social Statistics
SO 360 Criminology
SO 361 Juvenile Delinquency
SO 362 Corrections
SO 364 Forensic Science
SO 380 Topics: Diversity & Inequality
SO 397 Research Methods
SO 495 Practicum
PS 231 American Justice System
PS 344 Criminal Law
Plus 6 credit hours of add'l Upper Division Criminology & Justice Studies credits (above 300)
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MINOR Requirements: 18 credit hours
SO 101 Introduction to Sociology
SO 360 Criminology
SO 362 Corrections
Plus 9 credit hours of add'l Upper Division Criminology & Justice Studies credits (above 300)
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Learning Outcomes and Assessment of Student Learning

In addition to the course requirements, Criminology majors will be expected to meet the following program outcomes:

Demonstrate proficiency in criminology and justice studies in various settings, including internships (assessed in SO 360, 361, 362, 364 and 495),

Utilize effective ethical and decision-making skills in personal and professional situations (assessed in all courses in the major),

Effectively employ theoretical, methodological and critical communication knowledge and skills in various situations (assess in SO 230, 360, 397and 495),

Demonstrate knowledge of criminal procedures and the criminal justice systems, both within the United States and throughout the world (assessed in SO 360,361, 362, 364), and

Recognize and appreciate diversity in individuals, cultures and social systems, from local to national to global environments, with the resultant awareness of the social construction of reality (assessed in all courses in the major).

The outcomes of the criminology major are assessed through a required portfolio and a required exit interview. The portfolio reflects assignments completed throughout the program. The portfolio is formally constructed throughout the curriculum. Students in the criminology program will be submitting copies of assignments from all criminology courses. The exit interview also takes place during the capstone course, SO 495.  During the exit interview, students will be given the opportunity to reflect upon their experiences as a student in the criminology program.